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About the Morgan Ranch


Why Morgan Ranch Beef?

✔ No factory farming! Humanely raised and treated with respect.

✔ No growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids used - ever!

✔ Free-range pasture raised and grass-fed on massive land, finished on 100% vegetarian feeding.

✔ One farm, one family, one importer - traceability from farm to fork.

✔ Certified American Wagyu in the US. (Due to regulations only recognized and sold as Black Angus Beef in Japan.)

✔ Known as Purebred Wagyu in the US. (Due to regulations only recognized and sold as Black Angus Beef in Japan.)

✔ Preferred by over 70 top-class gourmet restaurants, including Michelin-starred ones.

✔ Morgan Ranch Beef won awards for sustainability, taste and tenderness.

✔ It's good for you! Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids Omega 3s and 6s - yes, the good fats.

✔ Amazingly flavorful, tender and juicy.



At A Glance

Cattle Breed "Certified American Wagyu". The breed contains Japanese wagyu genetics. Composition of Wagyu, Black Angus and Hereford. Due to regulations in Japan only recognized as Black Angus American beef.

View certificate from the American Wagyu Association
Farm/Ranch Morgan Ranch
Region Nebraska, USA
Breeding All year 100% free range and all-natural on 50 square kilometers (over 12000 acres!) in the heart of the sandhills. Sitting on the Ogallala Aquifer - the world's largest underground water resource.
Raised by Dan Morgan and family
Farming Experience Since 1934, Certified American Wagyu since 1992
Feeding Pasture grass-fed their entire life and finished on maize, alfalfa (aka. lucerne), hay, distillers grains, vitamins and minerals (all 100% vegetarian natural feeding) for 210 days before harvesting for intensive marbling, tenderness and taste.
Traceability 100% fully traceable from farm to fork
Growth Hormones Never
Steroids Never
Subtherapeutic Antibiotics use Never
Animal By-Products Feeding Never



Ask the right questions

When you buy beef from your meat supplier always check for the points below. Any question left unanswered may be the result of a transparency, traceability or animal welfare issue.

Points to Check Morgan Ranch Beef
Where does the beef exactly come from? From one farm, the Morgan Ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska. Managed by one family, the Morgans.
Factory Farming? Absolutely no! Animals are not confined and freely roam on massive pasture all year long. 
How about animal welfare? Animal welfare is a top priority. All year free-range on massive pasture. Animals live a very happy life! The young are kept together with their mothers. 
Are real pictures or videos of the cows available? Of course. Check the pictures and videos on this website or ask us what you like to see and we will send you more material.
Is 100% traceability available. Absolutely, 100% traceability from farm to table. One family, one farm and one importer make it very simple.
Information about feed? 100% vegetarian feed. Pasture grass-fed their entire life and finished on maize, alfalfa (aka. lucerne), hay, distillers grains, vitamins and minerals for 210 days before harvesting for intensive marbling, taste and tenderness.
Growth hormones used? Never!  
Subtherapeutic Antibiotics used? Never! 
Steroids used? Never! 
Can I visit the farm? You are welcome, check the map below.
Can I contact the farm directly or visit their website? Absolutely. Click here:




The Family

The Morgan Ranch is a fourth generation family owned and operated, working cattle ranch founded in 1934. The Ranch is nestled deep in Nebraska's beautiful Sand Hills, in the center of America's most important cattle rearing region. Known to be owning one of the largest "American Wagyu" herds in America the Morgans produce some of the finest and award-winning beef in the world. In their own words:"We recognize that high quality meat is not a race to the finish line, and we are not selling a commodity product. Instead, we produce value, and value takes time, attention, patience, and care."



The Ranch

Located in Burwell, Nebraska, the Morgan Ranch sits in the heart of the Sandhills. With its abundant grasses, perfect climate, and plentiful spring-fed streams, the region is widely recognized as among the best cattle producing areas in the world. Additionally sitting atop the world’s largest underground water resource, the Ogallala Aquifer, the Sandhills provide a rich, natural environment recognized by the American Audubon Society for special designation and by the World Wide Fund for Nature as a distinct eco-region, with as much as 85% intact as a natural habitat, the highest level in the Great Plains. The Morgan Ranch is 50 square kilometers in size, that is over 12000 acres (!)  - see for yourself using Google maps:

About Morgan Ranch Sand Hills


The Cattle

The Morgan Ranch was one of the very first breeders of Certified American Wagyu cattle in the US in 1992 when the ranch introduced Wagyu herds to their operation using genetics directly imported from Japan. Basically, a Japanese cow and Black Angus breed raised in the vast natural land of Nebraska. The herd consists of what is known as "Purebred Wagyu" or "Certified American Wagyu" in the US. See the certificate here. In Japan however, due to naming regulations, the beef is sold as Black Angus Beef.  

Morgan Ranch Cattle


The Feeding

The cattle is pasture grass-fed their entire lives and finished on maize, alfalfa (also known as lucerne, resembles clover), hay, distillers grains, natural vitamins, and minerals - all 100% vegetarian and natural feeding - for 210 days before harvesting - the cows absolutely love this part and can never get enough of it - therefore the feeding is strictly scheduled and rations are professionally controlled. 

This part gives the Morgan Ranch beef its award-winning marbling, tenderness and umami taste a final finish. Throughout the whole process, every animal is allowed to reach its maximum quality and performance levels in completely natural conditions.  

Morgan Ranch Pasture


Morgan Ranch Feedlot



Harvesting, fabrication and shipping is done to exacting specifications exceeding industry standard requirements. All carcasses are chilled with cool air for 48 hours prior to being vacuum packed and boxed. No water spraying is used. Morgan Ranch is one of the very few American cattle producers certified to export their products to Germany and Japan - the countries with the strictest regulations worldwide. Outstanding quality control is in place throughout every step of producing Morgan Ranch beef, ensuring individual animal traceability and culminating in the superior hand-selected cuts of beef shipped to customers worldwide. 

Morgan Ranch Boxes


The Beef

For many years now, Morgan Ranch has been supplying beef to the world's most highly recognized restaurants, (amongst them a handful of Michelin-starred ones), gourmet food markets and discerning individuals in North America, Asia, and Europe. The Morgan Ranch proudly serves their own family, neighbors, and friends. The Morgan Ranch beef has also been served to two Presidents, the Royal Family of Sweden, numerous high-profile entertainers, and in multiple embassies around the world. 

Morgan Ranch beef is known for its marbling characteristics. The beef's unique marbling improves the ratio of monounsaturated fats to polyunsaturated fats, making Morgan Ranch beef a healthier choice. The ranch gives no sub-therapeutic antibiotics and administers no hormones or steroids for either growth enhancement or any other reason. Finally, the cattle are never fed any animal bi-products.

The marbling is also responsible for the enhanced flavor, tenderness and juiciness of the meat. The Morgan Ranch beef may not only be the best beef you have ever tasted, it is actually good for you. 

Morgan Ranch Beef



On the Menus

Morgan Ranch Beef is served at the most exclusive restaurants and specialty supermarkets in Germany and Japan as well as in the United States. This is a very small selection of the restaurants Morgan Ranch beef is being served.

Please understand that most restaurants like to keep their competitive edge (Morgan Ranch Beef) - a secret. Logically we can't list without permission. Currently, Morgan Ranch beef is served at more than 70 location worldwide including Japan, Germany and the United States, amongst them a handful of Michelin-starred restaurants. 


Munich, Germany
3 Michelin stars, 18 Gault-Millau points, 10 Pfannen by Gusto, 4,5 F by Feinschmecker. Creative and seasonal gourmet cuisine of the highest order.


Bonn, Germany
1 Michelin star, 17 Gault-Millau points, 7 pans by Gusto, 3.5 F by Feinschmecker. Japanese enjoyment at a star level.


A well-perceived steakhouse with currently four locations all over Germany.


2 Michelin stars, 19 Gault-Millau points, Chef of the Month by Feinschmecker and a couple of other awards. 
Gourmet restaurant in the mountains offering a unique fine dining experience.


Chicago, USA
1 Michelin star and other awards. A modernist restaurant redefining fine-dining. 


Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Japanese fine-dining.


Hong Kong
Luxurious private members club in central Hong Kong.


Berlin, Germany
Fine-dining steakhouse


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Morgan Ranch Beef aged?

Yes, Morgan Ranch beef is wet-aged for 30 days before shock frozen. Until delivery to you, the beef has never been defrosted.

Is Morgan Ranch Beef Japanese Wagyu?

No. In the US and overseas the Morgan Ranch is known and sold as Certified American Wagyu or Purebred Wagyu. The breed contains more than 90% Japanese wagyu genetics. Find the certificate from the American Wagyu Association here. In Japan however, due to regulations the beef is sold as American Black Angus beef. 

What USDA grade is Morgan Ranch Beef?

None. Having the beef graded by a licensed federal grader in the US is very expensive and ads unnecessary costs to the products. The Morgan Ranch is a family farm producing non-commodity beef and is not enthusiastic about having their loved beef rated. However, when customers ask we say that the beef is equivalent to USDA Prime and above or equivalent to A3 in Japan. 

Can I buy Morgan Ranch Beef in the US or send it to someone living in the US?

Of course. Visit the official website of the Morgan Ranch. When placing an order say you came from Horizon Farms and you might receive something extra:

Can I buy Morgan Ranch in Germany or send it to someone living in Germany?

Yes, you can. Find Morgan Ranch Beef at our friends and partners, Otto Gourmet in Germany here:


In the Media

Find videos, pictures or articles of the Morgan Ranch mentioned in the media. All credit goes to their respective owners.

A great short story with beautiful visuals about how a restaurant's executive chef in the US is sourcing his ingredients, amongst them Morgan Ranch Beef. 

Interview with Dan Morgan, the head of the Morgan Morgan, made by our friends Otto Gourmet in Germany.

About the Environmental Stewardship Award: Switzer Ranch & Morgan Ranch - Burwell, Nebraska