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Trouble With My Order

I am not happy with my order!

We are very sorry for the bad experience caused. Please contact us and let us know about the issue. We will do our utmost to fix this and make you happy again.


It's past the scheduled delivery date and time. Where is my order?

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused hereby. 99.9% of all orders shipped by Yamato are on time, however, in very rare cases the order gets delayed for some reason. Please try the following in the given order:

  1. Check the status of the order here by looking up the tracking number that we have sent you by email.

  2. Contact Yamato directly here and ask about the whereabouts of your delivery. (Scroll down for toll-free number) Ask for immediate delivery or request another time-frame or delivery date. You can also request the order to be sent to your nearest Yamato office for pickup at your earliest convenience.

  3. In case you need to leave your house you can simply ignore the delivery. If a delivery is made in your absence the driver will leave a delivery note. With that note, you can reschedule delivery and set a new delivery date and time. 

  4. In case nothing of the above is of help contact us by simply replying to your order confirmation email and we will try to fix it.

My order is delayed and I am worried about the safety of the product!

Your order is kept in a guaranteed cold-chain and never leaves it until the delivery has been handed over to you. All our warehouses and all the third party pickup and delivery trucks, as well as all sorting facilities and distribution centers, are temperature controlled and strictly regulated. Please be assured that your order is safe, no matter how long the delay and no matter how hot it is outside.


My order arrived but the content is different / missing. 

We apologize for the inconvenience caused hereby. Please contact us by replying to your order confirmation email and let us know about the mishap. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible and fix the issue until you are absolutely satisfied.


The vacuum seal on my product is broken. Is it safe to eat?

Yes, absolutely. The seal was most likely broken during transport from our dispatch center to your address. There is absolutely no safety concern as the products have been in a guaranteed cold-chain.

However, we strongly recommend you do double bag the pack in order to prevent liquids from leaking out during the defrosting process and to prevent freezer burns in case you are planning on storing the meat frozen for a longer period.


My meat product has a discoloration to it. Is this normal?

Yes, discoloration is normal when meat is vacuum packed. It is caused by the lack of oxygen. Within 15-20 minutes of opening the vacuum-sealed packaging, the meat will "breathe" and regain its red color as it is exposed to the oxygen.