Horizon Farms - What Makes Us Different?

Where does my meat come from? What was the animal fed? How was it raised? These are fundamental questions of every conscious carnivore. At Horizon Farms we provide you with safe, ethical, sustainable, organic and all-natural high quality meat, fruits, groceries and other produce. All free of growth hormones, antibiotics, harmful chemicals and nasties. Good farms, better food is what we stand for. 

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Large scale factory farming always comes at the expense of the animal's welfare and the consumers' health. We choose ethical farming. No antibiotics, no growth hormones. No nasties. Ever.


Raising animals on pasture, instead of raising animals in confinement in factory farms, has many benefits - to the environment, animals and people.


We put great effort into providing full detailed product information to give you and your family peace of mind. Please check our customer reviews or view our social media accounts. Feel free to ask us anything.


We source meat and produce from family-owned farms and businesses who care, thus offering one of the most exclusive and sought-after quality of food available on the market.

Overnight Express

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