All-Natural Artisan Whole Milk Halloumi Cheese (250g)

Horizon Farms


A wedge of about 250g (8.8oz.) of 100% hand-crafted, all-natural milk cheese made locally in Okinawa by an Englishman known as the "Cheese Guy". This cheese is a semi-hard, unripened, brined cheese. Also known as Haloumi. 

All cheeses are made in very small batches with milk from the local small dairy farm. All businesses are fully family-owned and operated - cheese made by cheesemongers who love what they are doing and by people who care! This is as good as cheese can get and how cheese should be. 

Taste:  Halloumi has an appealing flavor that's unlike any other cheese: mellow, but not in the least boring, mildly feta-like, notably tangy, and never too strong. Salty? Yes! It can be enjoyed almost any of the ways you'd eat other cheeses: sliced, for a simple snack, cubed in salads, or melted.

How to eat: We highly recommend browning the cheese for a few seconds in the fry-pan. Do not set the fry-pan to too high. Simply hot enough to make the cheese sizzling, not turn into liquid.



Contents 1 wedge
Weight approx. 250g

Shipping & Handling

Shipping Shipping and delivery is frozen.
Handling Keep refrigerated below -18°C (0°F)
Expiration Frozen: check the product label, usually more than 3 months.
Once defrosted: 2 days in the fridge. 



Ingredients Milk (Okinawa, Japan), Salt
Packaging Individually vacuum packed
Country of Origin All ingredients are from Japan
Processing Processed in Okinawa for Horizon Farms


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