New Zealand Venison Cubes / Goulash (450g)

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One pack of venison cubes also known as venison goulash meat. Each pack contains 450g (1lbs.) of very nicely cut venison - these are not trimmings! Purely cut from the hindquarter of deer - these cuts are extremely lean and therefore only suitable for slow and pressure cooking. Unfortunately not recommended for skewers or steak cubes but best suited for venison goulash / stews.

Venison, the other red meat. Often found on the menus of upscale restaurants throughout the world. Venison is known to be very low in cholesterol and is a healthier choice when it comes to red meat. Most folks associate venison with gamey odor and tough meat - that is most likely wild venison. Give our Mountain River venison a chance, it'll change your concept on venison.

Our Mountain River premium quality venison comes from deer that is sustainably all-time pasture-raised in small herds on very large pastures run by families on the South Island of New Zealand. These venison are purely bred for taste. The difference between pasture-raised venison and wild venison is subtle delicate flavor and superb tenderness mostly due to a healthy, low-stress life and a careful selective breeding process.

Of course, our pasture-raised 100% free-range venison is strictly non-factory farmed. The deer are raised for about 20 months all naturally through summer and winter. Free of antibiotics, growth hormones and any other nasties. Deer feed on grass all their life, during the colder winter and shortages of pasture grass the deer are fed haylage (grasses and legumes) and silage (green foliage crops) and all-natural vitamins and minerals. 


Contents 1 pack
Weight approx. 450g (1lbs.)
Serves Serves 3-4 depending on the recipe

Shipping & Handling

Shipping Shipping and delivery is frozen
Handling Keep frozen below -18°C (0°F)
Defrosting Time In the fridge: approx. 24h
In ice-water: approx. 2h
Cooking Method Slow cooking or pressure cooking only.
Expiration Frozen: see packaging label (usually more than 3 months)
Chilled: Please consume unopened pack within 3 days.



Also known as Deer Meat, Gulasch, Pörkölt, Hunters Stew
Country of Origin New Zealand
Ingredients Venison
Cut from Rump
Category Dice Cut
Packaging Vacuum packaging



✔ Humanely raised and treated with respect. Sustainably raised in small herds on large pastures in Canterbury Highlands and Plains of the South Island, New Zealand.

✔ No subtherapeutic use of antibiotics. No growth-promoting hormones, no nasties. No factory farming. Domesticated deer live a stress-free and healthy life and are harvested on the field.

✔ Compared to wild venison: Domesticated venison meat has no gamey texture and taste. It has a consistent flavor profile and is tender and mildly flavored.

✔ Deer naturally feed on grass all their life and are fed all-natural vitamins and nutritions, haylage (grasses and legumes) and silage (green foliage crops) in winter when fresh, green pasture is limited.

✔ Venison meat is the healthier option for red meat. Recognized as one of the most nutritious of all red meats, remarkably low in fat and a great source of healthy protein. Rich in vitamin B, especially vitamin B12 and B6.

Mountain River Venison


The Mountain River farms are located by the Rakaia River, which flows from the mountainous Southern Alps to the Pacific Ocean. Mountain River produces top-quality venison on their own and neighboring farms, by operating the farming, processing, and marketing as a partnership. The pasture-raised venison is strictly non-factory farmed and raised for about 20 months all naturally. Free of antibiotics, growth hormones and any other nasties. Deer feed on grass all their life, during the colder winter and shortages of pasture grass the deer are fed silage and haylage and all-natural vitamins and minerals when necessary. Although deer in New Zealand has been domesticated since the 70s, the deer is harvested on the field - just like wild venison.


At A Glance

Breed Domesticated Red Deer
Farm/Ranch Family-owned and operated farms in the South Island, New Zealand:

Charlie Ewing and family at Cattle Flat Station 2211 Mt Aspiring Road, Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand

Bruce and Becky Hood and family at Mt Hutt Station Corner of Highway 77 Mt Hutt Station Road, South Island, New Zealand

Northbank Station Bankside 7783, Rakaia, South Island, New Zealand

Donald and Leigh Whyte at Whyte Farm 1573 Ashburton Gorge Rd, RD1, Ashburton 7771, South Island, New Zealand
Region Canterbury Highland and Canterbury Plains, New Zealand
Breeding Raised in small herds on large pastures their entire lives.
Feeding Pasture grass-fed their entire lives. During winter and shortage of fresh green grass: haylage (grasses and legumes) and silage (green foliage crops), and all-natural vitamins and minerals.
Traceability 100% fully traceable from grass to fork.

Venison Cubes / Goulash Recipe Instructions

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