About Horizon Farms

We’re a young business established in 2018, offering only healthy, all-natural, organic, ethically sourced meat and sustainable produce - no exceptions. We’re an online business without a physical store. Orders placed online are shipped out the same day and delivered to you via overnight express for delivery the next day all throughout Japan. *

Horizon Farms’ German CEO and founder simply wanted to give Japanese consumers a better choice - the same choice that he used to have in Germany. The idea and concept was "Good Farms, Better Food”. So the journey began.

Not yet, we partner up with small-scale family farms and businesses that care. Because we are able to directly source from our partner farms, ranches or producers, we are able to offer the whole story and provide 100% transparency and traceability from source to your table. Ask us anything.

We 100% agree. We would love to source locally, however, given Japan’s geographic situation and demographic demand, local produce that fits our high specifications simply does not exist (yet). We’re always on the lookout for local alternatives.

Never. We guarantee that all the meat we offer comes from livestock that has never been treated with growth hormones or preventative antibiotics. No exceptions.

No. We guarantee that all the products we offer do not contain any artificial preservatives or additives. Processed goods such as ice creams use all-natural or 100% naturally derived preservatives or additives. You will find the ingredient list on each product page.

Not yet, we operate online. However, a small selection of our goods can be found at specialty supermarkets in and around Tokyo.

As of now, we’re unable to ship outside of Japan due to food export regulations.

About Ordering

Orders placed by 15:00 on any day are dispatched on the same day via overnight express for next-day delivery*. Optionally you can choose a delivery date and a delivery time-frame during checkout.

Yes, if both orders contain the same product types (frozen, chilled, dry). Simply place another order within 30 minutes after receiving your 'Order Confirmation HFXXXXE (order number)' e-mail and add 'ADDTHIS' to the promotion code field during checkout to combine delivery with your previous order containing the same product type and remove the additional shipping fee. We ask that you please write 'Please combine with HFXXXXE' (using the order number) in the comment section during the checkout process.

The 'ADDTHIS' coupon code cannot be used for orders that have product types different from the previous order.

Currently due to the remote location, the following prefectures cannot be serviced via overnight express, but 2nd day delivery only: Hokkaido, Aomori, Akita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Okinawa, some areas in Nagasaki and other remote islands.

Your order is shipped fully temperature controlled all the way until your door. Our delivery partners are Yamato and Sagawa. We care about the environment. All shipping material and boxes are recycled paper only. We don't use any plastic or Styrofoam packing material.

We partner up with a third-party courier service, called Yamato Express. This is not the regular parcel courier, but a service specialized in handling perishables. The handling and delivery of your order all happens temperature controlled which is a very costly way of transport. This way we can guarantee that your order has never left the cold-chain and was handled properly from our warehouse all the way to your doorstep. This is also one of the reasons why we do not use styrofoam boxes, dry-ice or plastic. We offer free shipping on deliveries over 10,000 yen. (Frozen delivery and chilled/dry delivery calculated separately. Hokkaido, Okinawa and Remote Islands are excluded).

Yes, we offer free shipping on deliveries over 10,000 yen (please note frozen and chilled/dry deliveries are shipped separately and the 10,000 threshold applies to each type in your order).

Please note that Okinawa, Hokkaido and small isolated islands are excluded from free shipping, but we offer a 50% discount on the shipping fee instead. Click here for details.

The shipping fee is a flat rate per delivery type (frozen, chilled, and dry). Free shipping is for each delivery if the product total for that type reachs 10,000 yen or more (Hokkaido and Okinawa are excluded). We deliver only within Japan.

Please note that deliveries are split into Frozen, Chilled, and Dry per order. Dry will be shipped chilled when both are present. Click here for a detailed explanation.

Main Islands
Frozen: 950 yen
Chilled: 950 yen
Dry*: 750 yen

Okinawa and Hokkaido
Frozen: 1,650 yen
Chilled: 1,650 yen
Dry*: 1,350 yen

* Dry products will be treated as chilled products when ordered together.

Our warehouse, the dispatch center, the parcel distribution center, as well as the delivery trucks, are all temperature controlled. Your order never leaves the cold-chain. This is guaranteed.

In case you are using a desktop computer: Proceed to the checkout and you'll have a 'Coupon or Gift Card' box on the right panel. Enter the coupon code and click on 'Apply'.

In case you are using a smartphone or a tablet: You'll find a 'Show Order Contents' bar at the top during checkout. Tap on the arrow to expand the selection and you'll find the 'Coupon or Gift Card' field right there. Don't forget to tap on the apply button to reflect the coupon to your current cart.

Absolutely, simply choose the desired delivery date and time during checkout. The following time-frames are available. Please note that it is not possible to set a specific delivery time, eg. 15:30.

8:00 -12:00
14:00 -16:00
16:00 - 18:00
18:00 - 20:00
19:00 - 21:00

If your residence does not have a concierge or somebody to sign for the delivery, your order can't be left unattended due to safety regulations. The delivery service will leave a note and you can easily request for redelivery. Your order never leaves the cold-chain.

Yes, we do. You might have to pick up the delivery at the front gate. We strongly advise to leave a local cell phone number for the delivery service to reach you. In case on-base delivery is not permitted or deliveries fail multiple times, we will reroute your order to the nearest courier office for pickup at your earliest convenience. Note that your order will be kept in a fully temperature-controlled environment and never leave the cold-chain.

About Payment

Credit Card

Cash on Delivery*

Bank Transfer**


Amazon Pay

Apple Pay


*In the case of Cash on Delivery, a fee of 400 yen (incl. tax) will be charged on orders less than 15,000 yen.

**In the case of bank transfer, please note that the order will only be shipped after receipt of payment. Bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer.

Yes. You can pay with cash or credit card on delivery. Cash on delivery fees are waived for orders over 15,000 yen.
For orders 14,999 yen or less, a cash on delivery fee of 400 yen will be charged.

Our website may not be compatible with out of date browsers such as Internet Explorer and others. If possible, please use the latest version Google Chrome and try again.

About Our Products

Generally, frozen meat products come with a frozen best before date of over 6 months.

Each product comes with its own label and expiration date. The expiration is written in Japanese: 賞味期限 (shou-mi-ki-gen) and the format is yyyy/mm/dd. Please check each individual product at hand. 

Fridge Defrosting
Plan ahead. Calculate about 24h per 1kg or 2lbs. Note: Once completely defrosted, the sealed pack is safe and of good quality for 3 days if stored in the fridge. Can be refrozen without cooking, there is no safety concern, but a slight noticeable decline in taste and quality.

Water Defrosting
Use a big bowl and fully submerge in cold tap water, change the water every hour so it continues to defrost. Note: Double bag to prevent water entering the pack in case the vacuum seal breaks. We recommend cooking the meat after defrosting as soon as possible. Do not refreeze again for quality and safety reasons.

Note: When defrosting meat, always place the packs in the lowest compartment in the fridge. This is a precautionary common practice to prevent a possible liquid leakage on all the items below. Always double-bag the items or place in a bowl to prevent leakage of blood in case the pack's vacuum seal breaks during the defrosting process.

Yes, most of our products come in portion sizes and are individually vacuum packed. Please check every product page for more details.

Thank you very much for your support. Every product page has a 'Leave a Review' section at the very bottom. Please feel free to leave an honest review. All reviews are anonymous and don't require an account. Once submitted, your review will show up immediately and be public for everyone to see.  Please do not include personal information.

Without going into traumatic details, 'high-welfare' veal or foie-gras is simply not possible to produce and we do not plan on ever offering or selling low welfare products. Thank you for your understanding.

We do not specifically carry or import halal or kosher products. Some items are labeled as kosher or halal by default from the country of origin.

Our packaging is sous-vide ready (the process of cooking meat in their packaging in hot water for a prolonged time) for water temperatures up to 95°C (200°F). We do not recommend temperatures close to the boiling point, but temperatures around 60°C (140°F) with a cooking period between 45 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the type and thickness of the meat.

Overnight Express

All orders placed by 15:00 on any day 365 days a year leave on the same day via overnight express for next-day delivery anywhere within Japan.*