Terms & Conditions

  1. Points for orders are rewarded only once the order has been shipped.
  2. You cannot earn points for orders placed before the point system was introduced.
  3. The exchange rate for rewards are subject to be changed without prior notice. Ways to earn points and the values that these reward are constantly evolving. Be on the lookout for new ways to earn or subscribe to our newsletter to know when these become available.
  4. Points may expire after 1 year of inactivity. Activity includes any action that causes your points total to change. Please contact us if your points have disappeared.
  5. Points cannot be transferred between the English and Japanese store, between customers, or between accounts.
  6. Redeemed coupons expire 90 days after issuance. Redeemed coupons are only usable by the account used to redeem them, and are not usable in conjunction with other promotions.
  7. The birthday reward is rewarded once per year, even if the birthday date is changed.
  8. To be eligible for the birthday reward, your birthday must be entered at least one day in advance of the actual date.
  9. The review reward can only be rewarded once per day, and once per product you have ordered. Writing multiple reviews for the same product (no matter how many are purchased) will only reward points one time.
  10. Points may be canceled if Horizon Farms deems it appropriate to cancel the points after the points have been awarded, such as in the case of return or cancellation of purchased products or other cases in which Horizon Farms deems it appropriate to cancel the points.

Overnight Express

All orders placed by 15:00 on any day 365 days a year leave on the same day via overnight express for next-day delivery anywhere within Japan.*