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Best pies in Tokyo

We love Punk Doily pies, they are just as good (if not better) than what you can get in Australia!
Shame these are no longer for sale (and with the foil trays).

Perfect for pork roast

We cook this in an Instant Pot with onion soup mix and it turns out delicious! No weird smells or taste - you can taste the difference!

Not gamey at all!

I know I should include more organ meats in my diet, and this product is a great way to do that. I was worried that the meat would taste strongly of the organ meats, but it does not. It has a deep, delicious flavour and works in any recipe where you would use ground pork.

Juicy and extremely delicious

Amazing taste, it is juicy and flavorful. I like to just fry it in the pan, salt and pepper is all you need!

Delicious with potatoes!

Not Lactose Free

While the idea of adding lactase enzymes to regular ice cream to turn it lactose free is smart, I ordered this and after eating came down with a massive stomachache and related issues. Taking some of my own lactase pills fixed the problem, pointing to an issue with "lactose free-ing" the ice cream. It didn't happen with my first order from Horizon Farms, which makes me believe it is an issue with their mixing process or something. If you need guaranteed lactose free ice cream, you are better off sticking to almond, coconut or soy milk options. Again, smart idea and some batches were great, but the risk of getting a less-lactose free batch is a bit terrifying to gamble.

awesome berries

If you are a berry lover, dont miss this. It goes well with yogurt and perfect for eating directly.

You can tell its very natural tasting but i struggled to get any flavour from it. I love my bacon crispy but still moistish. So i can only give it 3 for being natural

Excellent flavour

I shally buy the salmon fillet but I found this is quicker and easier to cook. Great quality, mild flavour and smell. Prefect for with mash and veg or in seafood pasta.

Delicious and Healthy

I am so thankful I found your online store as I am now able to enjoy very delicious and healthy meat. It is difficult to get high quality grass fed beef from regular stores, so your service is truly a blessing.

Thank you again and thanks to your superior products, here's to a great future for all of us.

Perfect for bolognaise

The flavour was very delicious. I use this to make pastas dishes. Much better quality than anything available in the supermarket.

Crispy, exactly what you want

This is the real deal, it actually gets crispy when you cook it!!! Very good bacon. Thankfully someone is selling American style bacon here at a reasonable price. I'm beyond tired of Japanese bacon that isn't even from pork belly, let alone cured... different taste and very different texture, may as well just fry some ham... ought to be illegal to even call the stuff in Japanese grocery stores bacon at all.

Healthy sausage

I love sausages and this sausage without any food additives and using organic chicken is a healthy choice for me . I like the taste of the herbs too but not for my kids . Maybe they should have another more simple salt taste for the kids

For my kid's bento

This patty is delicious on its own. Sometimes I forgot to season it and it still turned amazing. You tell that all the valuable nutrients from the sun to the grass to the beef are definitely reflected.

Good quality

I alternate between this and the other chicken mince, both are great quality, the other packet is slightly bigger but when it’s out of stock I order this one. It’s easy and quick to cook in the pan, I use it for chicken nachos or chicken balls and it tastes delicious.

Tasmanian Premium Sashimi Grade Salmon Fillet Cut (650g)
Geoff H.
Excellent quality

Delicious - nicely marbled and perfect for sashimi.

Great Icecream

Nice change-up from the very limited standard icecream products available in Japan. Better than anything you can get from a supermarket in Japan, though not as good as some of the reallllly good stuff you can get in AU/NZ. Overall, quite happy with it.


Tastes good, feels fresh, and easy to use for smoothie!!!

Extremely high quality!!

I absolutely love this minced chicken. It's the highest quality and taste is very fresh. You can't get a better quality chicken!

Great for a salmon and cream cheese bagel for breakfast


Great sausages. Just the right amount of spices. Had them this morning for the first time and I will defiantly order again. If you like lamb then don’t hesitate to try these.

Great flavor and plentiful

I eat a slice per day and have had an easy time with cooking it. I have no complaints whatsoever and especially in a place where non-chicken organ meat is rare, Horizon Farms has really saved me!

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