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Thank you very much for the reviews! These are actual, unfiltered and real reviews from our customers. Please note that 95% of our customers are Japanese and therefore most reviews are automated translations from our online stores. You can view the latest reviews in Japanese here.

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Full of flavour

I used these to make beef stew, they were tender and it tasted delicious. Can tell it’s good quality meat.

I want to reorder

From Iceland... can't come from a more pristine environment. Aside from enjoying my meal, it was packaged perfectly, easy to thaw and took up very little room in the freezer. I was disappointed you are sold out and I have to wait for restocking.

Clean tasting fish

Nice delicate texture as said in the description. In the frying pan spiced up with butter... just delicious. Very wholesome tasting.

Never disappointed

Even though it is a B-grade, since I don’t like sweet. I could enjoy the sour and sweet tastes at the same time. Usually I put it in my chia pudding for breakfast.
I’ll repeat my order once I finish it.

Translated from Japanese: The umami and sweetness of the vegetables were strong and they were very delicious. I’m happy that they’re additive-free.

Translated from Japanese: I use them to make stews and salads more delicious. I give five stars because they’re also from Hokkaido.

Translated from Japanese: This is my second purchase. The strawberries are quite big and have a strong scent, so I’m satisfied every time. I will order again.

Mother's day

Translated from Japanese: I bought it for Mother's Day.
It seemed to be very satisfying to my mother who likes "additive-free" products.
However, upon opening the delivery box, the items were scattered messily. It’s a pity, so I removed one ☆.
There was no problem after that, so I recommend it.
I myself forgot that I was allergic to soy milk and ate it, so I was struck by itching in my throat.
If you have the same allergies, please be careful about what you eat.

Translated from Japanese: I think it wasn't mentioned on the product page, but this is the well-known "Muso" brand.
It's a mild soup that people who like mushrooms can enjoy without the flavor of herbs being noticeable. Minimal salt and oil. I also like the fact that it isn’t only soup and contains some grains.
The first time, I used it for Italian frozen ravioli (with cheese and mushrooms inside) sauce when I wanted to save some time. Since it was my first time using it, I didn't add anything because I wanted to really taste the flavor, and if it's a ravioli sauce for cheese lovers, it seems good to make cheese.
If you don't care about the radioactivity in that area, and if you eat out and eat soup with additives at the same price, this might be the better choice.

Translated from Japanese: I’ve been buying it repeatedly.
Delivery is quick, meat quality is good, and it’s delicious.
It's also perfect that there’s cooking instructions, too.

Translated from Japanese: It’s a reorder.
I ate it at barbecue (skewers) with my family during Golden Week.
It had no odor and it was delicious, so I bought it again.
The meat weighs 1.7kg, but we finished it in no time.

Translated from Japanese: It was delicious! I felt happy when I concentrated on the taste of the meat while eating. I’d like to purchase it again when I’m having a home party!

Translated from Japanese: I purchased this for my child. It's safe and reliable!

Translated from Japanese: I bought these chicken bones for the first time after reading the reviews, and it's really easy to make delicious soup, and as others said, there’s a lot of meat to eat, and the vegetables boiled together are delicious and the best, too!! These are chicken bones that you can buy because the quality is reliable. I'm ordering again ♪

This time, the strawberries were very big

Translated from Japanese: Last time, they were small and easy to use, so I ordered them again, but this time they were large. I'm using them as yogurt topping, so I thought it’d be better if I cut them next time. But they’re still very easy to use.

Soft and delicious!

Translated from Japanese: I purchased it for barbecue. It was good for my health, delicious and really soft. I wanted to order again.

Great for stews!

Translated from Japanese: I recommend it for curry and stews.
It's very delicious and my family always praises it.

It's beautiful liver

Translated from Japanese: The liver is fresh and beautifully colored, and you can hardly taste any unpleasant odor. The other day, I was diagnosed with iron deficiency during a health checkup, so I ordered liver. I’d like to continue ordering here in the future.

Instead of roast beef, I used it for yakiniku

Translated from Japanese: I always make roast beef, but when it's a big chunk, I cut it and use it for yakiniku.
For roast beef, a meat thermometer is very useful. My family also loves it because it’s easy to do.
If there’s a thicker layer of fat, I squeeze it before grilling it and put it in the oven. It’s very delicious.


Translated from Japanese: Lamb meat is rarely sold at local supermarkets, so I searched for it online and found this. I bought it once and ordered it again because it was so delicious. Lamb steak is good.

A little expensive

Translated from Japanese: The buns are big and good compared to other buns, but the price is high haha.
Since I make hamburgers, the taste is stronger, so I'd be glad if the buns were a little cheaper.
However, I ordered them this time because I liked they arrived the next day.

Translated from Japanese: I bought blackcurrants for the first time. It was good that the package was divided into smaller packages and therefore easier to store.
The taste is rich and delicious. It's my first time eating blackcurrants, so I can’t compare them, but I wanted to try various recipes because they had a strong taste as well as acidity.
I'm looking forward to eating them again.

Soft and delicious lamb

Translated from Japanese: There was an event, so I made shish kebab. It was soft and delicious. Cooking it was easy because it was already diced.

Translated from Japanese: I ordered for the first time.
I wanted to try making roast chicken for my children!
The taste was perfect and it was a fun memory.

Lots of fat

Translated from Japanese: It's completely different from the product page.
More fat than meat arrived. You can use it after cutting off the fat, but it's a waste of money.