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All Product and Store Reviews of Horizon Farms

Thank you very much for the reviews! These are actual, unfiltered and real reviews from our customers. Please note that 95% of our customers are Japanese and therefore most reviews are automated translations from our online stores. You can view the latest reviews in Japanese here.

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Perfect balance of sour and sweetness, making it a great refreshing summer quencher.


This is exactly the same one I used to have when I lived in SYD, amazing tastes, much better than any smoked salmon in the Japanese market. Cold smoke can preserve more omega 3

Safe meat, tastes great

Grass feed organic beef is rare in Japan. But this product is well packaged and very fresh. Tastes great!

favorite snack!

these are my favorite thing. i eat them every night and they are so delicious. please get them back in stock ASAP!

Perfect size and taste!

As a person who eats an animal based diet, I love that we can have these quality grass-fed steaks from NZ. Just the right size for dinner!

Repeat Order

Always purchasing certified organic blueberries from here. Loved it for smoothies or chia seeds pudding.
Will order it again before my stock runs out.

Simply delicious

Absolutely delicious pork. I stir fry them with some mushrooms, it was fantastic. Also, these have a lot of fat, so much I had some left over lard that was awesome to make breakfast fried eggs. Fantastic.

Translated from Japanese: This is my second purchase.
They’re very tasty when mixed half and half with dark sweet cherries, which makes just the right amount of sweet and sour.

Translated from Japanese: I grilled it in olive oil with only salt and pepper. I grilled onions, king trumpet mushrooms, and zucchini, after finishing grilling the meat which also soaked up the juices from the lamb and made everything nicely salty. It’s a really delicious meat.

Translated from Japanese: This is a high quality oxtail that is well worth the price, and for the first time in a long time, I feel satisfied. I’d like to order again.

I wasn't expecting it

Translated from Japanese: But it was delicious and had a stronger aroma than Japanese strawberries. I’d like to buy them again when I finish the current ones.

Translated from Japanese: I've bought it several times now and it's convenient to use for everything.
I divide it into equal portions and use it before it’s half defrosted.
It’s very useful because it can be used for anything.
At this time of the year, I often use it for eggplant with hot spicy sauce.
I personally think it’s best suited in keema curry.

Translated from Japanese: Reorder.
Frozen spinach is available in supermarkets, but this one is in cubes, so it’s easier to visualize how much to use.
It’s delicious because it’s safe!!

Translated from Japanese: Reorder.
My skin has visibly improved since I started eating this kale.
I like that it’s in cubes, so it’s easy to visualize how much to use.
It's delicious because it's safe!!

Translated from Japanese: Sweet and tasty.
Although I want to eat them slowly, I devour them.

I like pomegranates.

Translated from Japanese: I like fresh pomegranates, but they are hard to find so I’ve been using juice instead. Frozen pomegranates are a great product. They’re convenient when making smoothies. I will continue to order them product. Order number: 367826-20220605-0595178999

Purchased as a Father's Day gift.

Translated from Japanese: Both of my parents loved it.
It was very tender and had no smell at all!
I’d like to try other meat parts as well.
I’m very satisfied with the fast delivery, too!

For steaming!

Translated from Japanese: I got it for shabu-shabu, but also for steaming.
It was very tasty.
No smell, and you can taste the meat flavor firmly.
It’s very tasty.

Translated from Japanese: I was looking for pomegranates for salads. These pomegranates are fresh and delicious.
I enjoy pomegranates and pistachios topped on lettuce, green asparagus, basil, watercress, artichokes, palmitos, beets, etc. I'm all for this kind of grown-up fruit!

Translated from Japanese: There were five rather small drumsticks in one package. The meat was moderately firm and satisfying, but did not taste like turkey or as tasty as I had hoped. Perhaps it was because of the natural taste of organic products.

Translated from Japanese: I liked them so much that I decided to order again.

Translated from Japanese: This is the number one safe shop when you want to store food.
Thank you for everything.

Translated from Japanese: I’m really happy to have found organic cheese at this price. I’m always concerned about antibiotics, hormones, and GMO materials when eating livestock products, but organic is safe to eat. It tastes great and stretches well when cooked. Each piece is easy to peel off and very easy to use.

Translated from Japanese: My husband is a huge fan of these dark cherries!
They’re so sweet, he devours them.

Translated from Japanese: I've been looking for domestic, pesticide-free frozen beans, so the moment I found these I jumped on them! And, of course, they tasted great, so I hope you keep selling them!