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I feel safe to have free range pork


This is my favorite here on Horizon Farms.
I can eat this every day! So delicious and satisfying.

Two thumbs up

My kids loved these mangoes sooo much that they almost ate them all in one sitting 😅

Tender and Delicious!

Very tender and is excellent in curries and stews! Lean and not gamey. Very good quality meat.

Not so spicy, it was OK.

These are a good option when wanting a break from gluten. Neutral taste so they worked well with making tacos. I warmed them on the skillet.

It's just OK, seems a bit dry.

Delicious, highly recommend.

Delicious. Good for Instant pot cooking.

Easy to Use and So Yummy!

Took me just minutes to make sausage rolls with this pastry sheet! Not only convenient but so delicious my family didn’t believe I made them myself lol. BTW I used the skinless pork sausages they sell here. Am definitely buying this again and next time I’ll substitute pork sausages with feta cheese and spinach. I think they’ll taste great too!

One of the best organic chicken available in Japan

Our fave sausage on this site

Great Meal

Though I usually just make up a hamburger, I tried it in a casserole with eggplant and cheese, and it was both a wonderful dinner and the same for the next day's lunch.

Nice quality cheese. I use this in lunch boxes and as a snack. Very convenient keeping in the freezer so you don’t have to worry about using it before it gets old.

Tender and quick to prepare!

Love love love these so much! Less than 10 seconds on the pan and they’re ready and tender, I only season them with salt and enjoy the taste of the meat!
Or perfect for shabu shabu / sukiyaki!
I like to grill/pan fry 2 slices of caciocavallo, using them as buns and stuffing them with this meat making the best carnivore sandwich! So good!

Awesome nankotsu!

I was expecting something like the yakitori shop pieces but these had more meat on them and the soft bone was very soft and easy to eat. Not disappointed. Grilled them on a char broil gas grill. Nice take on nankotsu by Bowstock Brothers. One thing that was difficult on the grill… there are lots of small pieces in the bag that fall through the screen. Will buy again and want to try Nankotsu Karaage!


I bought 1kg of these last week and my wife has eaten nearly all of them : ) She said, "Order 3kg next time!" These cherries are heavenly! Tart and sweet and organic! OMG, these are good!

Stellar Strawberries!

If you are going to eat strawberries, eat only organic, and get them from Horizon Farms. I put about 100 grams of these in my overnight oats or morning smoothies and love them.

Wild and Wonderful!

My wife and I are both very happy with these wild blueberries! They are the real deal, organic, and the price is right! Thank you Horizon!

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