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All Product and Store Reviews of Horizon Farms

Thank you very much for the reviews! These are actual, unfiltered and real reviews from our customers. Please note that 95% of our customers are Japanese and therefore most reviews are automated translations from our online stores. You can view the latest reviews in Japanese here.

Based on 2354 reviews

Translated from Japanese: It’s a high-quality strawberry with a very strong scent. I make a smoothie with these strawberries, soy milk yogurt and bananas. It's delicious.

Translated from Japanese: I make a smoothie with them, yogurt and lemon in a Vitamix and have it every morning. I’m grateful that safe and secure kale is available frozen.

Translated from Japanese: I use it when making Harvard vegetable soup. The sweetness of the soup increases and it turns more delicious.

Translated from Japanese: I put them on top of cut tomatoes and sprinkled them with olive oil. It's high quality, moderately salted and the best.

Translated from Japanese: Sorry for the late review. My order has arrived safely.
I haven't eaten it yet, but it looks delicious, so I'm looking forward to it.
I would like to order again.

Translated from Japanese: This is my second purchase. They’re organic, have a good taste and the size is just right, which is liked by the whole family (^^)
I will order again.

Translated from Japanese: Easy to cook with fine minced meat. I've been eating chicken soboro bowl recently. It’s very tasty. I will order it again in the future.

Safe & good cost-performance ◎

Translated from Japanese: I thawed it, grilled it with rosemary, sea salt and pepper, and ate it with homemade mashed potatoes, which was very delicious. I’m glad that one filet is big.

Translated from Japanese: I deliciously steamed it with salt, pepper and white wine while it was frozen. I had a good meal.
The sizes of the fillets are quite different, so I reduced my review by one star.

Translated from Japanese: It’s my first time trying them. They were so sweet that I couldn't believe they weren't sugared. They were juicy and delicious.

Translated from Japanese: I use them in large quantities every day for smoothies and yogurt! Sometimes they’re crunchy (sand or stone?) but they’re wild ones so it can't be helped! I have received the whole blessing of nature haha.


Translated from Japanese: I bought 3 bags when I reordered.
Deliciousness that soaks into the heart. I like it.

A huge success

Translated from Japanese: It was said that it was cut into small pieces, so I bought it for miso soup. Even when sautéed, it can be grasped with chopsticks, so it’s also useful for garnishing.
The taste and aroma were strong, so it was very good.

Small (> _

Translated from Japanese: Whether I overlooked the notation that it was small or it was a recent change, it was much smaller than shown in the photo. I think it would be nice to have a size that can be eaten with chopsticks, as you can cut it later.
When it comes to meals, I had them for soup, cream pasta, and curry.
The taste was solid and the aroma was good, so I'm looking forward to eating it in the future.

Scale check is required

Translated from Japanese: The taste is solid. It seems to be easy to dry and it seems that it’s suitable for cooking such as steaming, frying or sautéing with butter to trap the water. It's also nice to have a sense of security that something with such high safety is frozen and therefore always available.
The processing content said that it had a peeling process, so when I put it in a shabu-shabu pot as it was, it became covered with scales ^^; Doesn't the fact that the scales are attached mean that they have not been processed at all?

No shortcomings

Translated from Japanese: It has a nice buttery aroma from the time it’s cooked. Sukiyaki, beef bowl, sautéed wasabi and yuzu pepper, curry, meat and potatoes were all delicious ^ ^ I think that the shipping is quick and there is no shop that offers more support than this one.

I want them without herbs

Translated from Japanese: The meat quality is very good! I'm used to bacon and sausages with only pork, salt and spices, so I'm grateful to buy them here. However, the spices and herbs are unique to me... My husband said they have a strong smell but he can eat them, it seems a little impossible for me and my children (> _

Translated from Japanese: I made shumai and after I kneaded it well, I didn't have heartburn at all. After all, the free-range pigs have exceptionally good fat quality. .. ..
It’s out of stock now, but I would like to purchase it again after getting the resale notice.

Translated from Japanese: It was a soft cartilage that was very easy to cook!
At the request of my family, I stabbed it on a skewer to make yakitori and it was liked by my family so much that they requested I use the other bag for yakitori as well.
I added sudachi, salt and pepper and it was a feast.

Translated from Japanese: I mix them with cereal and eat them frozen. They turn half-thawed in about 10 to 20 minutes and are soft and slightly sweet. The packaging is also solid and safe to store.

Bite size is convenient

Translated from Japanese: I've never seen this type of mozzarella cheese. It tastes good and it's very convenient to cook. I will keep it on hand from now on.

Delicious but too much

Translated from Japanese: It’s a product that has been certified organic by the European Organic Certification Authority (EU). However, in Japan, it’s not treated as an organic JAS due to the bilateral system.
I think there are many organic JAS products out there, but I don't really understand the meaning...
It seems that chemical substances are not used for the time being... Previously, it was 1 kg, but it has been changed to 2.5 kg. It fills up the freezer. The taste is very delicious.


Translated from Japanese: I bought this liver because it’s especially safe and secure!
It's safe and delicious and I'll order it again!

Translated from Japanese: It's spicy and I like it. My child said it was a little too spicy ^^;

Translated from Japanese: It was very delicious without any strange oil. I will buy it again ♪