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All Product and Store Reviews of Horizon Farms

Thank you very much for the reviews! These are actual, unfiltered and real reviews from our customers. Please note that 95% of our customers are Japanese and therefore most reviews are automated translations from our online stores. You can view the latest reviews in Japanese here.

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There is no doubt that I will order again

Translated from Japanese: I’m able to make bone broth soupevery time without smelling meat.
I’m ordering again ⭐︎

Delicious without odor

Translated from Japanese: I bought it because I wanted to make liver paste to replenish iron. There was also a review by other people that no pretreatment was required, so I cooked it by simply washing it with water. There was no odor and a very delicious liver paste was made with only grain mustard, salt and pepper!

Safe and secure

Translated from Japanese: I was worried that foreign products are not organic.
I put them in yogurt and they were sweet, sour and delicious.

Translated from Japanese: It’s safe and secure. Butter coffee is rich ☆ My family said that adding butter in coffee would not cause heartburn. I will continue to order it in the future.

Translated from Japanese: I expected additive-free and salt-free, but the spices are so strong that it’s quite salty. After eating, I’m unusually thirsty. I want you to make it without spices.

Translated from Japanese: It's a light cheese. I washed it with water, baked it and put it in a salad. Next time, I'll eat it after soaking it in milk.

Instead of sweets

Translated from Japanese: They’re sweet and delicious ♪
You can eat them as they are or put them in soy milk yogurt.


Translated from Japanese: They’re sweet and delicious ❣️
They’re organic so you can relax.
I put them in soy milk yogurt❣️

Translated from Japanese: The texture, taste, and usability are good, so I'll keep buying them.

Translated from Japanese: This is my second purchase.
The oil is also moderate and delicious.
I decided not to buy this anywhere else.

Translated from Japanese: They’re delicious.
Organic items may not be available at times, so it's safe to have them in the freezer.

Translated from Japanese: You can rest assure that this is 100% grass-fed, grass-finished-grown beef without antibiotics and growth-promoting hormones. It’s cut to a size that is easy to handle and even if you make a bone broth, there is only a little lye and cooking it is very easy.

Translated from Japanese: They’re smaller than ordinary blueberries, but the taste is strong and delicious.

Translated from Japanese: They're delicious even if they're thawed and eaten as they are, but they're also delicious if you put them in curry etc.

Translated from Japanese: It’s better to grill instead of boiling them.
When boiled, the skin remains and it’s difficult to eat.

Translated from Japanese: I thought it contained a little too much fat, but it was no problem.
The fat is also delicious.

Translated from Japanese: The taste of each vegetable comes out properly and I’m eating it very deliciously.

Translated from Japanese: I was looking for organic, sugar-free, chemical-free strawberries. The taste is also delicious.
I’m satisfied with the large amount.

Translated from Japanese: If it's this big, it's worth cooking, so I divided it into two parts to eat in a stew and grill it. I enjoyed the unique aroma of lamb. It was fresh and beautiful meat.

Translated from Japanese: It’s sweet! I bought raspberries and blueberries. Both are delicious, but I personally like blueberries because they are sweeter! I eat a mixture of healthy sugar and two types of berries!

High performer

Translated from Japanese: I bought beef bone for the first time. It's hard to find grass-fed beef bones. These were very delicious! I mixed them with vegetables and used it many times haha. There are many other products here that are good for you, too. I also bought fruits!

The best pork

Translated from Japanese: I received various things, but I’m reviewing this one first because it defrosted the fastest.
I was surprised that it was carefully packed. Needless to say, it was delicious. The flavor was amazing. I always want to eat such delicious pork. I would be grateful if you could provide it in smaller pieces.

I will order again!!

Translated from Japanese: I bought it for the first time because it’s very safe butter.
It's rich but not persistent and it's a very delicious butter!!! I will order again.
Also, there are still only a few companies in Japan that handle such safe foods, so I would like to support them!!! I will purchase products other than butter next time!!!

Translated from Japanese: Even though I simply cooked it with salt and pepper, it was soft and I could enjoy different flavors at the same time.
It was well received by my family
I plan to order again

Translated from Japanese: I was looking for chicken with good traceability. Half-thawed, I grilled it in the oven and it was very delicious. It’s easier to use if the pack is divided into two.