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Just Right

I’m a serious beef eater and these 300 gram ribeyes hit the spot every time. If you love steak these will become a favorite for you too. Horizon always lives up to expectations.

We really enjoy this soup with some milk and butter added in for more of a potage smoothness. The flavor is wonderful.

Great for its nutrition and flavor

This is my most favorite ingredient for enhancing the nutrition, flavor and texture of meatloaf and meatballs while providing for a little more volume when combined together with a portion of ground meat (I use a beef-pork mix), finely diced and sautéed onion, mushroom, broccoli + α, spices, hemp or chia seeds, and an egg. It’s always good to have a pack or two in the freezer at all times. The distinctive but delicate taste can enhance so many dishes.

Best sausage

We ate all of it in two days. I’ll never get sausage from the supermarket again.


Good deer meat. Used it in pasta and made a few burgers. I’m waiting for it to be back in stock. Very popular.

Best blueberries!

Love the taste of these, I use them in smoothies & on yogurt. So great to be able to get wild/ organic blueberries in Japan.

Juicy and delicious

Excellent for throwing together a healthy and quick meal. Just fry them up and they’re good to eat, perfectly seasoned and sized.

I usually make meatballs out of it for every weekend pasta dinner night.

Great Steak

Very tender and flavorful!

Great for a carnivore diet!

Easy to cook and tastes great

The amount is suitable for 2 palm-sized patties. I usually pan-fry with olive oil or the grass fed butter that's offered on this site.
Each give the burger a slightly different taste experience.

Tasty bagels :)

Very tasty bagels. My daughter enjoys eating bagels from Horizon Farms.Excellent with butter and cottage cheese! I also want to note that these bagels are quite large and you can easily fill up with one bagel.
Thank you

Delicious on toast with cream cheese!

Brilliant stuff

I've been a regular buyer of this product for several months now. Amazing quality and very deep, rich taste. Totally recommend.

I'm confident to eat healthy meat. and it's very affordable. I've had a shift in my energy quality thanks to your product. My body doesn't lie :)

Oishii! Went down very well with all ages and tastes. Great that it’s organic

This spinach is so convenient; we eat some pretty much every day, either in smoothies, soups, or on its own. I'll definitely be purchasing this again and again!

Expensive, but the best you can buy

These burgers will not be those soft and bread and spice filled hamburgers you get from a fast food restaurant. However, these are the best burgers for your body and while expensive, I will buy these forever.


I followed the recipe that was provided by Horizon Farms and the turkey was delicious! The outside was crispy and the inside was juicy. I usually can’t cook a turkey well, but because this is a quality turkey, it wasn’t dry, despite my lack of cooking skills.
Whether you are a seasoned cook or have never tried to make one at home, I recommend this turkey!!

Great tasting meat, arrived really quickly aswell

Nutrition packed

A great and easy way to get more essential nutrients into your diet! This adds great depth of flavor into your dish.

Great chops

Good texture and flavour

Overnight Express

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