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Tasmanian Premium Sashimi Grade Salmon Fillet Portion (200g)

Horizon Farms


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This is a small skinless portion of the finest Tasmanian salmon (Atlantic Salmon) with the bones removed. This size of a fillet is best recommended for sashimi or sushi - yes you can eat our salmon raw. The skin and the bones have been completely removed, so you have a clean piece of the finest fillet only. Other than sashimi or sushi, this piece is recommended for cooking in the oven or for steam cooking by wrapping the individual pieces in aluminum foil together with vegetables and olive oil. The smaller the portions get the more we need to process them, the higher the price point will be. We highly recommend the whole skin-on salmon piece. Please note the price per 100g. Also please note that these small portions are cut from the whole fillet and can vary in thickness, length, and width. Read all the details about our salmon below:

Tasmania is home to some of the best salmon in the world, but there’s one brand that caught our eyes and we have selected. They're leading the charge in delivering premium salmon by doing the little things right. We present to you the highest and purest quality of them all: Salmon from the Huon Aquaculture. Huon Salmon (named after the Huon Valley in Tasmania) is Australias only RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) approved salmon - that is Australia's most trusted animal welfare organization. Huon Salmon is sustainably off-shore farmed without the use of growth-promoting hormones or subtherapeutic use of antibiotics - setting them far apart from the tank farming industry. But that's not all - we at Horizon Farms always strive for more: Huon Aquaculture has the lowest stocking density in the world at a maximum of 8-12kg per m3 by using massively sized off-shore pens called fortresses. To give this context, that is approximately 99% water and 1% fish! Huon Salmon is raised in pristine off-shore waters and given premium quality feed only. Through selective breeding since 2002 and the use of state of the art technology, Huon Aquaculture has managed to become a marine protein producer which means they produce more salmon than wild fish is used in the feed. 

Needless to say, Huon salmon looks better, tastes better, and is better. Huon Salmon was awarded 100 points at the Richard Langdon Champion Product in Show at the 2010 Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards and was the only product from the entire 961 show entrants to receive perfect marks. Additionally, by reducing the amount of fish oil in the feed compared to other farmed salmon, Huon's fish taste is non-fatty and very suitable for raw consumption such as sashimi and sushi - yes our salmon is safe to be consumed raw! Superior quality, transparency, safety, and the whole story. That's premium salmon to enjoy with the whole family. Huon prides itself on producing the world’s most loved salmon. In the words of the founders, Peter and Frances Bender, at Huon Aquaculture “we don’t want to be the biggest, we simply want to be the best.” - a philosophy that we lovingly share here at Horizon Farms.



Contents 1 pack contains 1 fillet portion
Weight Approx. 250g (8.8oz.)
Serves Serves 1

Shipping & Handling

Shipping Shipping and delivery is frozen
Handling Keep frozen below -18°C (0°F)
Defrosting Time In the fridge: approx. 24h
In ice-water: not recommended
Sashimi Use This salmon is sashimi/sushi graded. It can be consumed raw. Defrost in the fridge overnight. Keep refrigerated and serve on the same day once defrosted. Serve while cold to the touch taken directly from the fridge. To be safe, consume within 30 minutes after exposure to oxygen.
Cooking Method Grill (wrapped in aluminum foil), Steam, Sashimi, Sushi
Expiration Frozen: see packaging label (usually more than 6 months)
Chilled: Please consume the defrosted and unopened packaging within 2 days.



Also known as Salmon, Lachs, Atlantic Salmon, Trout Salmon, Ocean Trout, Pacific Salmon, 
Country of Origin Tasmania (Australia)
Ingredients Salmon
Cut from Salmon Fillet
Category Fillet
Packaging Individually Vacuum packed


About Huon Tasmanian Salmon

✔ Low stress - Raised off-shore to mirror the natural life of salmon in the wild.

✔ Raised with sustainable off-shore practices - In the crystal clear open waters of Tasmania.

✔ Kept clean and healthy - Raised in the world's largest off-shore pens called fortresses with the lowest stock density in the world. 1 fish for every 99% water!

✔ Raised without the use of growth promotants or subtherapeutic use of antibiotics.

✔ Australias only RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) approved salmon.

✔ Well-nourished - The highest quality feed available. Less use of fish oil - making it less fatty and very suitable for sushi and sashimi.

✔ Salmon is a recognized superfood. Salmon contains large amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids and is low in saturated fat and calories yet high in protein.


Huon Salmon Collage

Huon Aquaculture has been farming top-quality salmon in Tasmania’s wild waters for over 30 years and in that time they've learned a thing or two about the best way to raise the highest quality salmon in the world. Huon prides itself on producing the world’s most loved salmon. In the words of the founders, Peter and Frances Bender (pictured above), at Huon Aquaculture “we don’t want to be the biggest, we simply want to be the best.”


At A Glance

Species/Breed Atlantic Salmon
Tasmania (In the South-East of Australia)
Region Huon River, D'Entrecasteaux Channel, Storm Bay, Macquarie Harbour of Tasmania
Feed Fish meal, fish oil, vegetable ingredients such as wheat, soya derivatives, corn gluten, and vegetable oils, moisture, vitamins and minerals, astaxanthin. Huon uses naturally derived astaxanthin from algae (this is used for the orange hue - the signature coloring of salmon). Also, animal-by products such as high-quality chicken oil are used. All feed is of non-GMO origin and sustainable.
Farming Method Off-shored farmed in open waters.
Traceability 100% traceable from farm to fork.
Export Huon Aquaculture, Tasmania.
Processing in Japan

Nutritional Information per 100g

Energy/100g 202kcal/845kj
Protein (g) 20
Total Fat (g) 13
Saturated Fat (g) 3
Carbohydrate (g) 0
Sugars (g) 0
Sodium(mg) 20


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Safe aquaculture ………

Translated from Japanese: If you read the description carefully, it seems that it’s from safe and secure aquaculture.
Until now, I have avoided salmon.
When I made chirashizushi, I ate salmon for the first time after a long time.
It was very delicious.
I finished it almost alone haha.
I want to eat it again, so I’d like to always have it on hand.
It’d be helpful if you also sold fish.


Translated from Japanese: I fried the salmon by putting rice flour and bread crumbs on it!
Although I fried it, it was not greasy and easy to eat.


Translated from Japanese: I’ve bought it repeatedly.
It's really delicious.
I no longer buy sashimi from the supermarket.
The price may be a little high, but I will continue to buy it here.

Jaqueline H.
Good choice for an easy and fast meal

I just like cook this in the over !! You will get a soft and tasteful fish .
If you are cooking for one and are not a big eater , you might want to cook just half of the piece .

Fiona M.
High quality salmon

This salmon tastes better than any other we have tried in Japan. It’s a light flavour and a very quick healthy meal.