We deliver organic, additive-free, all-natural food products to anywhere in Japan

Our Commitment

We source and deliver high quality food products from all over the world.

Horizon Farms is an online ecommerce store that carefully selects, sources, and delivers organic, additive-free, all-natural, safe food products straight to your front door. All meat comes from livestock raised ethically free-range in full consideration of animal welfare. We ship online orders for delivery as quickly as next-day all across Japan.

Why Choose Horizon Farms?

Point 01

Free-Range and Natural

We work with small farms around the world that raise their animals slowly and carefully in the way nature intended. The photo shows an actual farm we collaborate with. Raising livestock free-range has many advantages for the surrounding environment, the livestock, and in the end, us humans.

Point 02

No chemicals or other nasties

The meat and dairy products offered by Horizon Farms come from livestock that have never been treated with growth promoting hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics. Livestock that spend their time on pasture are naturally less susceptible to disease. Additionally, better living conditions and less crowding removes the need to administer preventative drugs and other treatments, commonly used in factory farms.

Point 03

Organic food with a focus on natural ingredients

We carefully select foods that contain only naturally derived ingredients with no preservatives, colors, flavors, or other additives. Organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or genetic modification technology, which can harm the environment and are cause for potential health concerns. This allows customers to enjoy the natural taste of food products and their health, as well as support the global environment and small farmers at the same time.

Organic is attracting attention around the world

Global organic food sales continue to increase, and were approximately $135.5 billion USD in 2021.

Global Organic Food Sales Trends

Our Concept

Good Farms, Better Food

Horizon Farms is a millennial family-owned business located in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. Sam, the CEO and founder, came to Japan from Germany and has over 10 years of experience in the Japanese retail and meat industry. Sam and his wife founded Horizon Farms in 2018 with the desire to offer new food options to health-conscious consumers. They are committed to choosing foods that are safe to provide for their own children. We are passionate about providing products and services that our customers can trust.

Initiatives for Global Environmental Preservation

Horizon Farms carefully selects and delivers food products that are produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. We use recyclable paper and packaging wherever possible.

Social Contribution Activities

Horizon Farms often supports organizations, events, and charities that contribute to society for a better and more sustainable society.

Hear From Our Customers

Here is what actual customers of Horizon Farms have to say.

30s, Male, Tokyo


"Not only is it safe and secure, but it is also wonderful meat in terms of its original flavor, its vacuum-packed form that makes it easy to take outdoors, and its long-term storage capability."

20s, Female, Akita


"It was tender and odorless, and the fatty flavor was especially delicious. I cooked it with my favorite seasonings, but the fatty flavor combined with the flavor of the meat made it a tastier dish than usual! In addition, the meat was safe to eat because it is free of any growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics, and because it is grown in a natural way."

30s, Female, Osaka


"I purchased this product to make sure it was safe for my child's baby food. The bone broth I made was delicious with no messy taste and my kids loved it and drank it very much! The meat around the bone was also delicious! The amount of broth, not too much and not too little, was easy to handle."

30s, Female, Yamanashi


"We often order grass-fed beef. I can't get enough of the flavorful yet surprisingly tender lean meat. I often buy steaks, dice cuts, and ground beef types."

40s, Male, Chiba


"I purchased this for the first time last year (2022) for Christmas. Cooked it by dipping it in brine solution. The result...the best turkey I have ever cooked. Not greasy and crispy. Even my kids gobbled it up with a "Yummy!". It will be a regular in our house!"

70s, Female, Aichi


"I am satisfied with the fast delivery, reliable products, and products that I can't find anywhere else (^^)."

40s, Female, Toyama


"There are many products that can only be purchased here, and I always use this store because there are many products that I want. The explanations of the products are clear, and as I am particular about many things, I can buy them without hesitation, which is very helpful."

50s, Female, Tokyo


If you are looking for organic grass-fed meat, this is the perfect choice. Well packaged and fast delivery. I will be a repeat customer in the future!

A word from our "blueberry specialist"

Dr. Mio Hishinuma, Registered Dietitian

"Horizon Farms' European organic wild blueberries are very different from conventionally grown blueberries in taste, aroma, grain size, and anthocyanin content. We really like the large capacity, compostable packaging, secure zipper closure, very good coloring even when heated, and the small size and tartness of the berries."

HORIZON FARMS is the choice of many health-conscious customers

In a survey of 262 of our customers, we asked:

Why choose Horizon Farms?

How do you use Horizon Farms' products?

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We have a large selection of high quality, additive-free, organic foods from around the world, such meats and other produce, that are hard to find anywhere else in Japan.

You can purchase here from our online store anytime, anywhere. We ship on the same day for orders placed before 3:00 PM, and deliver to all of Japan as soon as the next day.*

Yes, we offer free shipping on deliveries over 10,000 yen (please note frozen and chilled/dry deliveries are separate within each order).

Please note that Okinawa, Hokkaido and small isolated islands are excluded from free shipping, but we offer a 50% discount on the shipping fee for each delivery within the order that exceeds 10,000 yen. Note that direct-from-farm or other special products may incur separate shipping charges.

Never. We guarantee that all of our meat comes from livestock that have never been given growth-promoting hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics. There are no exceptions.

We strive to offer only products that do not contain ANY artificially-derived preservatives or additives. Processed products, such as ice cream, contain preservatives and additives of 100% natural origin. A list of ingredients can be found on each product page.

The use of instant-quick freezing technology (IQF) and vacuum-sealed packaging (when applicable) ensures that the food is frozen in a fresh state. No chemicals are used.

Organic food is known to be a healthier option for consumers as well as the environment. It contributes to animal welfare, sustainable farming and general health & well-being. For more detailed information, please check out our blog.

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