About Horizon Farms

family farming

Where does my meat come from? How was it raised and what was it fed? Did it live a happy live?

These are fundamental questions of every conscious carnivore you don't get to ask when buying your meat at your local supermarket. At Horizon Farms, you will only find meat that is healthy, humanely raised and treated with respect. We team up with small-scale family farms in Japan and around the globe who have smaller herds or flocks and can, therefore, offer much better conditions and pay more attention to each animal, thus producing one of the most exclusive and sought after quality that is internationally recognized and strictly not available in mass.

Quality Steak

Animals raised humanely on traditional family farms are much healthier – so we make family farms a top priority.

We are against factory or industrial animal farming and we are against the use of "nasties" such as the subtherapeutic use of antibiotics, steroids or growth-hormones on farm animals or feed. At Horizon Farms we are committed to offer only real free-range and pasture-raised produce from family farms.

Real Family Farms

Good farms, better food is what we stand for.

We hand-select the world's best farms that produce the world's best quality meat. We directly import, store, handle and ship all products ourselves under one roof to eliminate unnecessary costs. Nevertheless, organic and high quality meat will always come with a higher price tag, however not at the cost of the animal's welfare and consumer's health. We are fully committed to providing you with every single detail of information about our products to make sure you have a peace of mind. You can ask us anything or you can even get in contact with the farms directly.  

Warehousing Horizon Farms

We are a millenial family startup located in Nagoya.

Sam the CEO, German-born and educated brings along more than 9 years of first-hand management experience in the meat industry of Japan. While conscious consumers in the west are already enjoying a vast offering of family farm and animal welfare approved produce at regular or specialty supermarkets, unfortunately conscious consumers in Japan are left hanging with questionable and non transparent meat products. With that in mind, Sam has committed to offer the better alternative for consumers in Japan.

Kotomi, part-time wife and mother has worked for 10 years in customer service for a well-known car manufacturer has taken the leap to help out spreading the message. She is in charge of the Japanese customer service and brings the sunshine into our office.

People over profit is our philosophy.

We fully stand behind our products and service with heart and passion - so much that we guarantee it. If you are not satisfied with our products or service we'll cheerfully replace your order or refund your total. Simple as that. We are not here to take over the world but to offer the better alternative and to make a change. Better food is a health investment that is only a few clicks away. 

Our guarantee