How We Are Different

Where does my meat come from? What was the animal fed? How was it raised? These are fundamental questions of every conscious carnivore. At Horizon Farms we provide you with safe and ethically raised gourmet meat and organic produce directly from family farms and small producers that care. We deliver to you via overnight express to wherever you are in Japan. Good farms, better food is what we stand for.

Ethical Farming

Farming with maximum production output and minimum production costs always comes at the expense of the animal's welfare and the consumers' health. At Horizon Farms we source meat and other produce directly from family farms and businesses that care and never use antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones on their animals.


Raising animals on open pastures, or growing fruits and vegetables without harmful chemicals has many benefits, however organic and free-range farming is a very labor-intensive and expensive process. Family farmed and organic produce will always come at a higher price tag than conventional produce. We at Horizon Farms believe that a holistic approach is a worthy long-term investment in a dramatically different food system that is healthier, not only for you and your family but also for the environment and for the animals.


We only source high-end and the cleanest produce from businesses and family farms that care and that are involved in the whole process thus producing one of the most exclusive and sought-after quality of food available on the market. We are confident you will love our products. Taste the difference.

Traceability & Transparency

We source, store, handle and ship all products ourselves under one roof and can therefore drastically reduce unnecessary costs and provide full traceability from the farm (or sea) to your table. We put great effort into providing full detailed product information to give you and your family peace of mind. Please check our customer reviews or view our social media accounts. Feel free to ask us anything.

About Us

We are a real millennial family business (that's us in the picture) located in Nagoya with over 10 years of experience in the retail and meat industry of Japan. We started Horizon Farms in 2018 wanting to provide a choice to (health) conscious carnivores in Japan. We fully stand behind our products and service with heart and passion - so much that we guarantee it. If you are not satisfied with our products or service we'll cheerfully replace your order or refund your total.

Overnight Express

All orders placed by 15:00 on any day 365 days a year leave on the same day via overnight express for next-day delivery anywhere within Japan.*