100% Grass-Fed Beef Culotte / Rump Roast Australia (1.2kg-2.2kg)

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Please note that the size and price of the smaller version of this product have changed.

This whole block of culotte (also known as rump cap or picanha) roast weighs from 1.2kg to 2.2kg (please choose preferred size below) and is the ideal cut for juicy and meaty roasts with plenty of flavors. Not as tender as the striploin but as flavorful. We recommend leaving the fat cap on. Sear fat-down first and finish the roast in the oven to medium-rare. If you are a fan of rump steaks you can cut this roast into smaller steaks of course. In that case, it is best to trim the fat cap. Also the ideal cut for Brazilian Churrasco. See the cooking instructions below.

Our high-end quality beef is high-end restaurant-grade only from Australia and is guaranteed 100% grass-fed and from cattle that have never been treated with growth hormones or antibiotics. No GMOs or chemicals are used on the pastures where the cows graze. Grazed on open green and lush pastures of Australia. 100% Australian-owned and made. If you are looking for 100% clean grass-fed and grass-finished quality beef from free-range cows that have never been treated with growth hormones or antibiotics this is what you are looking for. It does not get better than this. 


Contents 1 Roast
Weight Available sizes: 1.2kg (2.6lbs), 2.2kg (4.9lbs). 
Package Dimensions 20 x 15 x 10cm (7.8" x 5.9" x 3.9") for the regular 1.6kg
Serves Serves 3-8 depending on size and serving style

Shipping & Handling

Shipping Shipping and delivery is frozen
Handling Keep frozen below -18°C (0°F)
Defrosting Time In the fridge: approx. 48h
In ice-water: Not recommended
Cooking Method Grill, Oven, Churasco
Expiration Frozen: see packaging label (usually more than 3 months)
Chilled: Please consume unopened pack within 5 days.



Also known as Rump Cap, Churrasco, Picanha,  Sirloin cap, Rump Cover, Culotte
Country of Origin Australia
Ingredients Beef
Cut from Sirloin (Rump)
Category Steaks, Roasts
Packaging Individually vacuum packed

100% Grass-Fed Beef

✔ 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef. 

✔ Free-range and open pasture-raised.

✔ Humanely raised and treated with respect by family-owned farms.

✔ No antibiotics or growth hormones - ever!

✔ No chemical pesticides on pasture land. 

✔ GMO-free.

At A Glance

Cattle Breed English Hereford and Black Angus Breed
Farm/Ranch Murray Pure (Australia)
Great Southern Beef (Australia)
Bass Strait Beef (Australia)
Southern Ranges (Australia)
Contracted small-scale family farms
Breeding 100% free-range on open pastures for life.
Feeding 100% grass-fed for life on open pasture.
Traceability 100% fully traceable from farm to fork.
Growth-Hormones Never
Antibiotics Never
Chemical Pesticides on Pasture Land Never
Importer Horizon Farms, Inc.
Processing Locally processed in Japan.

Beef Rump Roast Recipe Instructions

 Great Southern Rump Cap Roast

Slowly defrost the roast in the fridge for about 2 days. Defrosting in water is not recommended. 20 minutes before cooking open the packaging and pat dry with a paper towel. Then let the roast breathe on the countertop at room temperature. 

Great Southern Rump Cap Roast

When you prepare steaks, sea salt and freshly ground pepper are enough. For roasts, we recommend using a seasoning mix and olive oil. Mix and rub well. Do not remove the fat cap as it plays an important role during cooking and makes the roast juicier. 

Great Southern Rump Cap Roast

Now, preheat your fry pan to maximum heat. Add a bit of olive oil and immediately place the roast fat side down in the fry-pan to sear the whole fat side.

Great Southern Rump Cap Roast

After about 3 minutes turn off the heat and turn the roast around for a quick sear. We only want to crisp up the outer layer. 

Great Southern Rump Cap Roast

Place on an oven tray. Use a leave-in thermometer if at hand. Check out our thermometer we sell. 

Great Southern Rump Cap Roast

Cook on medium heat at 180 degrees Celsius for about 40 minutes. The roasting time depends on many factors such as oven size, power, and the roast size. If you are unsure try 30 minutes first and then check the core temperature at the center of the roast. Once the roast hits 50 degrees Celsius (130 degrees Fahrenheit) remove from the oven.

Great Southern Rump Cap Roast

The roast continues to cook on the inside. Wrap it in aluminum foil and let it rest for another 15 minutes. 

Great Southern Rump Cap Roast

Check this one out. Cooked to perfectness. For the best taste experience, we recommend cooking roasts and steaks to medium-rare. 

Great Southern Rump Cap Roast

Very important: Make sure you cut against the grain like seen in this image. This way you make sure the meat does not become chewy. 

Great Southern Rump Cap Roast

Slice and serve. Enjoy high quality and safe 100% grass-fed beef from Australia with the whole family.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Instead of roast beef, I used it for yakiniku

Translated from Japanese: I always make roast beef, but when it's a big chunk, I cut it and use it for yakiniku.
For roast beef, a meat thermometer is very useful. My family also loves it because it’s easy to do.
If there’s a thicker layer of fat, I squeeze it before grilling it and put it in the oven. It’s very delicious.

It was the best!

Translated from Japanese: Everyone in my family doesn’t like fatty meat, but loved this.
I was able to enjoy the deliciousness of the lean part.
I will order again!

When I want to have roast beef, it’s always from Horizon Farms

Translated from Japanese: Usually I get the classic beef chunk, but today I tried this rump roast. After thawing it for a few days, I baked the surface with olive oil in the oven at 120 ° C after adding simple seasoning like salt, pepper and fried garlic. After 90 minutes, it was done. I let it rest before I cut it into thick pieces and ate it with my family. It was baked perfectly and our family of three almost finished all of it. We had the rest for lunch the next day. I’m grateful to Horizon Farms because I can enjoy delicious food at a reasonable price.

For roast beef and steak

Translated from Japanese: I usually make roast beef out of it.
It's delicious, so you can quickly finish 1kg of meat in two meals.

I applied a lot of crazy salt, let it sit for about a day, and then baked it. After returning it to room temperature, I slowly heated it up over low heat, and then cooked it until all of it browned. I followed the recipe of Horizon Farms. The juicy meat produces enough fat and gravy to fill a shallow try. If you make a sauce with the juices, it’ll be too fatty, so you can wipe it with kitchen paper. But the condensed meat sauce is very delicious. I buy it regularly.


Translated from Japanese: It’s a shame that the price has increased.
Since it has a lot of fat, I cut it off and use it as beef tallow.
It’s firmly meaty.