100% Grass-Fed Australian Beef Ribeye Roast (1kg)

Great Southern


This whole block of ribeye weighs around 1kg (2.2lbs.) and is the ideal cut for juicy and flavorful roasts and thick steaks. With flavorful fat and marbling, the ribeye is almost as tender as the filet but with a deeper beefy flavor. We recommend cutting the block into two one-pound steaks, and cook very slowly to medium-rare and serve sliced with sprinkles of sea salt. 1kg is enough for the whole family and can be easily shared when sliced. See the cooking instructions below.

100% grass-fed pasture-raised beef from Australia - the land of grass-fed beef. This is not only 100% grass-fed beef, but this is also free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and free of GMOs - if you are looking for 100% clean grass-fed and grass-finished beef with a high red meat to fat ratio Great Southern ist your best choice. Great Southern beef is produced in the southern areas of Australia, where year-round rainfall coupled with Australia’s beautiful sunshine, yield exceptional pastures for cattle to graze on. Read more below.



Contents 1 Roast
Weight 1kg (2.2lbs)
Serves Serves 3-5

Shipping & Handling

Shipping Shipping and delivery is frozen
Handling Keep frozen below -18°C (0°F)
Defrosting Time In the fridge: approx. 48h
In ice-water: approx. 5h
Cooking Method Grill, Cast-Iron Skillet, Fry-Pan, Oven
Expiration Frozen: see packaging label (usually more than 3 months)
Chilled: Please consume unopened pack within 5 days.



Also known as Rib eye steak, Delmonico, Entrecote, Entrecôte, Scotch Fillet, Prime Rib, Rib Roast, Rib Eye Roast
Country of Origin Australia
Ingredients Beef
Cut from Ribeye
Category Steaks, Roasts
Packaging Individually vacuum packed


About Great Southern Beef


✔ Great Southern beef is JAS-ANZ accredited.

✔ 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef. Pasture-fed for life.

✔ Humanely raised and treated with respect by family-owned farms.

✔ Free of growth-promoting hormones.

✔ Free of antibiotics.

✔ No GMOs. No pesticides used.

✔ Non-commodity. Quality reserved for the high-end restaurant market.

✔ Provides good value and comes with a lower price point compared to our high-end Morgan Ranch Beef.

✔ 100% Grass-fed beef has significantly lower calories than grass-fed and grain-finished beef.

✔ Grass-fed beef is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, yes the good fats.

✔ 100% grass-fed beef is less harmful to the environment than conventional beef since the amount of greenhouse gas emissions are lower.

 ✔ 100% grass-fed beef - compared to grass-fed and grain-finished beef has higher concentrations of the following nutritions: antioxidants, some vitamins, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and the long-chain omega-3 fats mostly found in fish. It also has less fat overall. 


Great Southern Beef

Enveloped by The Great Dividing Range, refreshed by the pure, clean air and nourished with the Great Southern Ocean’s high rainfall – the cattle enjoy some of the world’s best living conditions. Covering an area larger than most European countries, the year-round lush, fertile pastures produce the vital ingredient for large scale grazing success. This is the perfect environment to raise the finest British and European breeds of cattle. These breeds are renowned for their superior genetics. Every family farm has been handpicked for its strong focus on growing animals the right way, genetics, and quality.


At A Glance

Cattle Breed English Hereford and Black Angus Breed
Farm/Ranch Hand-picked and contracted family farms
Region Southern Australia
Breeding 100% free-range on open pastures for life.
Feeding 100% grass-fed for life on open pasture.
Traceability 100% fully traceable from farm to fork.
Growth-Hormones Never
GMO-feed Never
Antibiotics Never
Pesticides Never
Steroids Never
Export and Processing Imported chilled, never frozen into Japan. Exclusively processed and flash-frozen for freshness and longevity locally in Japan.

Beef Rib Eye Roast Recipe Instructions

100% Grass-Fed Australian Ribeye Roast

Completely defrost in the fridge. Remove from packaging and let it breathe for at least 15 minutes. The color will change to a vivid red.

You can either cook the whole ribeye as a roast in the oven or cut the block into steaks and cook in the skillet or fry-pan. We recommend cutting the block into equally sized two thick steaks. There is no need to trim fat as the blocks come steak-ready.

100% grass-fed beef is very lean and you need to be careful not to overcook the steaks. Season with your favorite steak spice or simply with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. For the best taste experience, we recommend medium-rare. Cook very slowly and turn often.

Turn often and make sure the steaks don't run dry. Add butter and reduce heat if required. Add vegetables at the end. Use a meat thermometer, once the core temperature reaches 50°C (120°F) turn off the heat and move the steaks to a cutting board with a juice groove.

The steaks will continue to cook on residue heat. The thicker the steak is the longer you need to let the steak rest. The rule of thumb is 5 minutes.

Use a sharp long knife and slice into thin slices. Sprinkle with sea salt.

Perfectly cooked to medium-rare. Serve while warm for the best taste experience.

100% Grass-Fed Australian Ribeye Roast

Enjoy 100% grass-fed and safe quality meat for the whole family.

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