Grass-Fed Grain-Finished Beef Fat (250g)

Horizon Farms


There may be offcuts of meat remaining with the beef fat. Please cut off and use as desired.

These are the fat trimmings from the striploin, ribeye, tenderloin, or rump. Whenever we process the larger blocks of meat into smaller portions, we have fat trimmings that are leftovers. Adding just the labor and material costs. Beef fat needs to be rendered first for best use. Cook slowly over low heat until it becomes a liquid or better cook in the oven under low temperature for 90 minutes. Store the liquid fat into a glass jar and freeze or refrigerate for later use. See the instructions below.  Natural saturated fats are healthy and important, tallow is a great option to use for pan-frying vegetables or pan-searing steaks.

100% pasture-raised beef from Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. Of course free of antibiotics and growth hormones.


Contents 1 Pack
Weight 250g (8.8oz.)
Serves Depending on the dish.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping Shipping and delivery is frozen
Handling Keep frozen below -18°C (0°F)
Defrosting Time In the fridge: approx. 24h
In ice-water: approx. 1h
Cooking Method To use for pan-frying vegetables or pan-searing steaks.
Expiration Frozen: see packaging label (usually more than 3 months)
Chilled: Please consume unopened pack within 5 days.



Also known as Gyushi, beef fat, beef tallow, beef rendering, beef suet
Country of Origin New Zealand, Australia or US (Please see label)
Ingredients Beef
Cut from Rump, Striploin, and Tenderloin
Category Trimmings
Packaging Vacuum packed


At A Glance

Cattle Breed Japanese Wagyu, Angus and Hereford or Black Angus breed.
Farm/Ranch Family-owned local farms in New Zealand, Australia or the USA
Breeding All year free range on open pastures then finished on grain feed for a certain period of time prior to harvest.
Feeding Pasture grass-fed their entire lives and then fed a balanced mix of energy, protein, fibers, minerals, and vitamins which are obtained from natural grains, silage, hay, molasses, oilseed meals, and legumes. 
Traceability 100% fully traceable from farm to fork.
Growth-Hormones Never
GMO-feed Never
Antibiotics Never

Cooking Instructions Recipe for Beef Fat

100% Grass-Fed Beef Fat

Defrost in the fridge or place the pack in cold water. Beef fat defrosts very quickly. Cut the pieces into smaller chunks. Our beef fat is very closely trimmed, there is nothing else you need to do. You can either render the fat in a fry-pan or in the oven. The fry-pan method will consume a larger amount of gas and in some households, the gas stove turns off after a certain amount of time. We recommend the oven method.

100% Grass-Fed Beef Fat

Place content in a pan or skillet. Make sure that it is suitable for oven use. 

100% Grass-Fed Beef Fat

Preheat the oven to 130 degrees Celsius (250 Fahrenheit) and place the skillet in the middle. There is no need for a lid but can you use one. Let the beef liquify for around 90 minutes.

100% Grass-Fed Beef Fat

This is how beef fat looks like after 90 minutes. Looks like tasty bacon. This could be used as cracklings though. 

100% Grass-Fed Beef Fat

Use a sieve to filter out the larger chunks of fat. You will have a beautifully clear liquid of fat.

100% Grass-Fed Beef Fat

Next, you will need to store your beef fat. We highly recommend glass jars with a proper lid. They are inexpensive and last forever. 

100% Grass-Fed Beef Fat

One pack of beef fat yields a whole jar of liquid gold. As long as it is warm the fat will stay liquid. Place the jar in the fridge and they will change color and texture similar to margarine. Or you can keep the jar sealed in the freezer for more than 1 year. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Purchased for my Kanamori diet

Translated from Japanese: No uncomfortable feeling.
It was very delicious.

I was surprised! I will order again.

Translated from Japanese: I heard that saturated fatty acids are better for heating, so I bought it for the first time and I was surprised at how delicious it was! I eat it often because it’s low in sugar, but my body feels good after finishing eating as wel. I'm also happy that it's grass-fed.

Fat with a lot of meat

Translated from Japanese: It's cheap.
Since it’s greasy, it’s good for stir-frying things.
This is reassuring beef tallow.
It’s a great deal with a large amount.
I bought a little in bulk.
Thank you.

Perfect for the Kanamori-style dishes!

Translated from Japanese: Very good quality beef tallow! I will continue.

There is no smell!

Translated from Japanese: The taste of fried rice made from beef tallow that I ate when I was young was so delicious that I couldn't forget it, so I was always looking for healthy beef tallow.
If you stir-fry rice with this beef tallow, any dish will be rich and delicious. You can chop it into small pieces and put it in soup, too! It's a natural umami seasoning!!!