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Real Free-Range Raw Eggs from Japan (12-30 Eggs)

Horizon Farms


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Please note that this product will be shipped refrigerated from late April through September. If you purchase eggs along with other items, the eggs may arrive separately. Thank you for your understanding.

Free-range eggs directly from the family farm to your plate. One pack contains 6 eggs. The minimum is two packs. Unfortunately, temperature-controlled shipping is the main cost factor, we highly recommend buying more than 2 packs. If you keep them in the refrigerator the best before date is approximately one week for raw consumption, but when cooked can be consumed even after the written expiration date.

The Yamano family lives with their 3 young children in Nagasaki, on the Kyushu Island of Japan. They own a small-scale free-range egg farm. The whole family takes part in the business - even the little ones help out whenever they can (or want). The hens have space to freely roam around, climb and carry out natural behaviors such as nesting, roosting, and foraging. See images. It goes without saying that the hens are never force-fed and never are their beaks clipped. Male roosters are also raised in the same environment, which provides a sense of safety for the hens, and naturally results in fertilized eggs.

We are committed not only to the health of our hens, but also to the quality of our eggs, and we continue to pursue premium egg quality by blending in our own carefully selected seasonal green feed such as grass and greens, vegetables, fruits, and other high-quality feed. All feed is non-GMO. The eggs have a rich texture with no odor and an incredible milky taste. We hope you will enjoy our carefully selected high-quality eggs that can be enjoyed with peace of mind by the whole family. Please check the bottom of this page for photos taken at the real farm.

Things you need to know about free-range eggs.

About yolk color: The egg’s yolk color is affected mainly by the hen's diet. Free-range hens are not fed a diet for the sole purpose to darken the yolk but are rather fed a healthy and well balanced and sustainable mix. Therefore the yolk color is lighter than your usual caged egg. 

About vitamin enrichment: Vitamin-enriched eggs are popular in Japan and these are obtained by feeding the hens much higher doses of feed containing vitamin E or D which will show up as residues in the egg. Free-range eggs are not artificially enriched.

About pasture-raising: In Japan, due to the existence of avian influenza (bird flu) and wild predators, it is very risky for chicken farms to leave the hens roaming outside the fences. For this reason, most free-range hens in Japan are protected by a fence as seen in the images. This does not limit the ability of the hens to lay their eggs in nests, run and spread their wings which are basic requirements for ethical farming. 


Contents 12 to 30 eggs, please choose the preferred count of eggs.
1 pack contains 6 eggs
Serves One pack serves 6, depending on serving style.


Shipping & Handling

Shipping Ships at room temperature. Shipping and delivery are chilled during the warmer months (April - September). If ordered with other products, the eggs will be delivered separately.
Handling Keep chilled in the fridge below 10°C (45°F)
Cooking Method Safe to be consumed raw, boiled, stirred, or use as an ingredient.
Expiration Indicated on the product label.  It varies based on the timing of each order, but is usually about 1 week from the date of shipment. About a month if fully cooked and served.



Ingredients Egg
Country of Origin Japan
Packaging Shock-resistant, environmentally friendly recycled and molded paper pulp.
Temperature Control During the warm and hot months between June and September, your order will arrive chilled. 
Size and Shape
Free-range eggs vary in size, shell color, and shape. Free-range eggs yolks vary in color throughout the year.

✔ Raised with care on a small scale micro-farm by the Yamano family.

✔ All-year-round free-range. The hens can run freely and stretch their wings in the open pasture.

✔ The hens have space to freely roam around, climb and carry out natural behaviors such as nesting, roosting, and foraging.

✔ No antibiotics, no growth hormones - ever

✔ No GMO-feed. The feed includes a healthy mix of mostly locally sourced feed.

✔ No use of synthetic cleaning agents or sterilization chemicals.

✔ No odor, just a rich texture and an incredible milky taste!

✔ Continuos effort to increase egg quality by using our own blend of carefully selected high-quality non-GMO feed


At A Glance

Chicken Breed Tori Momiji, a breed specially bred for Japan's climate changes.
Farm/Ranch Yamano Family Farm (aka. The Natural Egg Lab)
Region Hirado, Nagasaki
All-year free-range, pasture-raised.
Raised by The Yamano Family
Feeding Brown rice, rice bran, rice husk (Nagasaki)
Corn flour (Imported)
Soybean meal (Imported)
Mushroom beds (Nagasaki)
Green vegetables and fruits (Kyushu)
Oyster shell (Japan)
250 kinds of live cultures (natural microorganisms such as lactic acid, Bacillus subtilis, coenzyme)

All feed is non-GMO.
Traceability 100% fully traceable from hatchery to the farm to your plate.
Growth Hormones Never
Antibiotics Never
GMO-feed Never

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Translated from Japanese: The yolk is a beautiful yellow!
These eggs were delicious and with no odor!

They were delicious.

Translated from Japanese: The eggs arrived safely.
Thank you very much.
They’re very tasty.
I can eat them safely.
I really appreciate it.
I will order again.


These omega 3 eggs are delicious! I loved the taste and definitely no odor plus you can eat it without any worries knowing that these comes from a pasture raised chicken!


Translated from Japanese: It was a refreshing egg with no odor.
It was delicious.


Translated from Japanese: Safe and secure eggs!
When boiled, they have a solid taste.
Even if you intend to eat these precious eggs carefully, they will disappear in a blink of an eye!