Certified Organic Free-Range Eggs from Japan (12-30 Eggs)

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Please note that this product will be shipped refrigerated from late April through September. If you purchase eggs along with other items, the eggs may arrive separately. Very limited quantity available, but we will be gradually increasing the quantity in the coming weeks. If sold out, we highly recommend inputting your email into the "Notify Me" box so you are the first to know when they are available.

1 pack contains 6 eggs, with a minimum purchase of 2 packs. The price per egg becomes lower as the number of eggs ordered increases, so we highly recommend buying in larger quantities.

These are the first-ever certified organic free-range eggs in Japan. The hens are raised in a pristine clean natural environment surrounded by the 3000m high Yamanashi mountains. The winters are cold, but the summers are nice and cool, making it a very comfortable environment for the hens. No antibiotics, growth hormones, or any other chemicals are given to the hens - ever. 

It is extremely difficult to obtain the Japanese organic certification for egg-laying hens, as there are strict standards for what they eat, what they drink, and where they live - even the soil they are roaming on. The hens are fed mainly soybeans and corn, but the soybeans and corn must be grown without pesticides as well as be non-genetically modified to be considered organic feed. In addition, Japanese organic certification organizations must accompany inspect the farm verify that the corn has been grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers for three whole years before it can be certified.

In addition to the corn and soybeans, from time to time they are also fed a special homemade feed containing rice bran, okara, seaweed, boiled red bean skin, oyster shell, and chlorella to further support their health - all to organic standards. All ingredients in the feed are, of course, GMO-free. The hens drink cool natural spring water, rich in calcium and natural minerals, which nicely carries over to the eggs.


Contents 12 to 30 eggs, please choose the preferred count of eggs.
1 pack contains 6 eggs
Serves One pack serves 2-6, depending on serving style.


Shipping & Handling

Shipping Ships at room temperature. Shipping and delivery are chilled during the warmer months (April - September). If ordered with other products, the eggs will be delivered separately.
Handling Keep chilled in the fridge below 10°C (45°F)
Cooking Method Safe to be consumed raw, boiled, fried or use as an ingredient.
Expiration Indicated on the product package. Typically 1 week after.



Ingredients Egg
Country of Origin Japan
Packaging Environmentally friendly recycled paper with a print from environmentally friendly soy.
Delivery Date Shipped for delivery on the earliest possible date. Unfortunately, due to the quick nature of expiration, delivery date requests can't be specified. Delivery time-frame requests, however, are possible.
Temperature Control During the warm and hot months between April and October, your order will arrive temperature-controlled.
Size and Shape Free-range eggs vary in size, shell color, and shape. Free-range eggs yolks vary in color throughout the year.
Additional Information There may be a brown granular material inside the egg, but rest assured it is a pigment unique to brown eggs and is safe to consume.

✔ All-natural eggs from hens raised on an open flat pasture surrounded by beautiful mountains and natural water springs.

✔ Due to the high altitude, hens are able to enjoy a relaxed life in a comfortable environment even during the summer.

✔ The hens drink cool natural spring water, rich in calcium and natural minerals, which nicely carries over to the eggs

✔ Raised with animal welfare in mind. The hens are able to roam freely.

✔ No antibiotics, no growth hormones - ever.

✔ No GMO-feed.

✔ Eggs need to pass a strict inspection both by machine and by humans before they are sold.

✔ Kurofuji farm uses an environmentally friendly natural cycle farming method that aims to make agricultural products and livestock healthy from the inside out.

At A Glance

Farm/Ranch Kurofuji Farm
Region Kai City, Yamanashi
All year free-range, cageless
Egg Farming Experience Egg farming since 1950, with Kurofuji established 1984
Started free-range breeding in 1991
Feeding Corn, soybeans, ethoxyquin-free fish meal (no antibacterial or fungicidal agents), calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, salt

As for the self-formulated feed, rice bran, okara, seaweed, boiled red bean skin, oyster shell, and chlorella 
Traceability 100% fully traceable from the farm to your plate
Growth Hormones Never
Antibiotics Never
GMO-feed Never
Organic Certification JAS Organic (Japanese Agricultural Standard) - Certification Number: Eco-deisgn N60320J08

Customer Reviews

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Delicious when eaten raw

Translated from Japanese: I don’t usually like raw eggs, but these had no odor and were delicious.
I can no longer eat scary commercial products that pursue only cheapness.