New Zealand Certified Organic Free-Range Chicken Tenders (500g)

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One pack of certified organic pasture-raised free-range chicken tenders, also known as chicken fingers or chicken tenderloins. Chicken tenderloins sit below the chicken breasts and taste very much like chicken breasts. Like tenderloin in beef, chicken tenderloins are slightly more tender and juicier. Because there are only two small tenderloins per chicken the cost of production is more expensive than breast meat. The most popular cooking method is chicken fingers or garlic butter. Note that the typical tough sinew found in chicken tenders has not been removed and we recommend removing it before cooking.

Free-range, open pasture-raised certified organic chicken from New Zealand. Naturally and sustainably slow-grown with love and care on certified organic apple orchards in Hawke's Bay. The happy chicken roam and forage freely as nature intended. No antibiotics, no growth hormones, no GMO feed, no chlorine washing. The feed and the land are free of any synthetic chemicals. Certified organic is not only good for you but most importantly good for the environment. Bostock Brothers organic chicken is the only certified organic chicken farm in all of New Zealand.

Due to bilateral agreements, this chicken is only certified organic in New Zealand. Japanese JAS organic is being applied for and in process.


Contents 1 pack
Weight 500g (17.6oz)
Serves Serves 3-4

Shipping & Handling

Shipping Shipping and delivery is frozen
Handling Keep frozen below -18°C (0°F)
Defrosting Time In the fridge: approx. 24h
In ice-water: approx. 3h
Cooking Method Deep fry, fry-pan, oven
Expiration Frozen: see packaging label (usually more than 3 months)
Chilled: Please consume unopened pack within 4 days.


Ingredients Chicken
Country of Origin New Zealand
Bone Boneless
Skin Skinless
Packaging 500g vacuum-packed together.


✔ Free-range, open pasture-raised with love and care in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.

✔ Chicken freely forage and exhibit natural behavior. Chalets provide shelter from the elements which they can use at free will.

✔ Certified organic pasture land, feed and chicken.

✔ Naturally slow-grown chicken. Meat is better formed, of much higher quality and superior taste.

✔ No use of antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones - ever

✔ No GMOs, no synthetic chemicals used on land, feed or in meat. Meat is never chlorine-washed.

✔ Air chilled - no water is used to cool the meat. Which means less shrinkage and water loss during cooking.

✔ One farm, one family, one importer - traceability from farm to fork.

✔ The happiest, healthiest, and tastiest chicken available - taste the difference.

At A Glance

Chicken Breed Cornish Cross, raised and bred for meat.
Farm/Ranch Bostock Brothers Farm (I want to learn more about the Bostock Brothers)
Region Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
Breeding All year free-range, free-roaming. Once fully feathered they are free to leave the chalets and roam outside on green pasture grass. Bred for quality, not quantity which means the chickens are much slower growing and are as pure and natural as they can be.
Raised by Ben and George Bostock
Farming Experience Organic apple farming since childhood, pasture-raised chicken since 2014
Feeding Certified organic lush, green grass and juicy organic apples as well as home-grown feed including corn and barley (80%). Additional supplements may include 100% organic and GMO-free soybean meal (+/-14%) and fishmeal from New Zealand (+/- 5%). Chicken are free to forage on open pasture which means they also eat insects and everything they find within the orchards including salts and limestones.
Traceability 100% fully traceable from farm to fork
Growth Promoting Hormones Never
Antibiotics Never
Animal By-Products Feeding Never
GMO feed Never
Synthetic Chemical use on pasture land or feed Never
Chlorine Washing Never
Water Injections Never
Processing All handling and packaging is performed locally in New Zealand. No further processing is done in Japan.
Importer Horizon Farms, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

Translated from Japanese: It's soft, has no odor, and is very delicious!
I wrapped it with eggplant, perilla, and pickled plums and ate it as harumaki (spring roll)!


Translated from Japanese: I boiled it before eating and I'm glad it didn't smell.
Since it’s frozen, I think it’s easier to use in small quantities because the pieces are frozen separately.


Translated from Japanese: It's very delicious.
I also give it to my dog.


Translated from Japanese: I have bought it many times. It's very soft and delicious.
It can be used for various dishes.

I always have it on hand

Translated from Japanese: I thawed it, soaked it in mayonnaise with curry spices for a while, and lightly baked it in a frying pan to make a super-easy mayonnaise tandoori, which is the most delicious.
The taste of the chicken is good, and of course I’m happy that it was safe and secure.