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Limited Quantity B-Grade Surprise Me Box (5kg)

Horizon Farms


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A "surprise me" box filled with various B-Grade items, guaranteed to be valued higher than the price you pay. The B-Grade items do not meet the strict product specifications due to their size or shape, or because of minor damage/holes in the outside product packaging. Please rest assured that there are absolutely no safety issues. Each and every product will have a label attached explaining why it did not meet our product specifications. To see the standard product condition, please reference the product page for each item.

Each box will weigh at least 5kg (11lbs.). Please be aware that the pictures used above are just a sample of the type of products you may receive and the contents of the box will not be known until delivery. There may be two or more of the same items in the box, and the number of total items in the box will vary. It's a rare chance to secure this much of a deal, but you might just be part of the lucky few who catch this in stock. If out of stock, we highly recommend inputting your email address into the "Notify me" box above so you are the first to know when it's back.

✔ This box contains a random mix of popular and regular items and is NOT a way for us to push slow-moving items.

✔ The box will NOT contain items with a shorter than usual expiration date.

✔ The products inside are B-Grade and differ from standard products because of their size/shape/weight or because their packaging has minor outside package damage. However, please rest assured there are absolutely no safety issues.

Please note we do not accept requests for specific products or types, and we cannot include other ordered items in the same box (they will be shipped separately). We cannot support refunds or returns for these b-grade products.


Contents 1 box
Weight 5kg (11lbs)

Shipping & Handling

Shipping Shipping and delivery is frozen
Handling Indicated on product label.
Expiration Indicated on product label.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I’ll order again if there’s an event!

Translated from Japanese: I thought it looked interesting, so I gave it a try.
I thought that no matter what was in the package, it wouldn't matter if it was from Horizon Farms, so I bought it, and I was right. I put everything in the freezer right away, so I still don't know what kind of meat I actually got, and it was the first time I received fries, blueberries, and other things I don't usually buy, but it added variety to my usual meals and made it fun to think about how I’d eat everything. After all, it’s 5 kg of frozen goods, so I can't buy anything for a while (laugh), but I’d like to try ordering something like this again next time.

A bit of a disappointing set

Translated from Japanese: You can use the contents in various ways, but... I have to admit that the two 1kg packages of frozen fruit took up a lot of space in my freezer and I had trouble storing them. They’re not something that can be used up quickly. I don't think the selection was made by taking the customer’s situation into consideration. It may be because they’re inexpensive, but I think it’s inevitable.

I want to order it again

Translated from Japanese: This was my first order and I received a variety of products including meats, seafood, and health foods.
I was very satisfied with the products, as they were comparable to regular products in terms of flavor, with the exception of some items that I was a little concerned about because of their appearance, such as a dented container and ice grains inside the package, and others that did not meet the prescribed amount.
I’m glad that there were items in the package that I’d not normally buy or that I was curious about, because thanks to you, I will be able to expand my cooking repertoire.
I’ll definitely purchase again when my freezer is empty.


Translated from Japanese: When I checked through the contents, there was about 3,000 yen worth of products inside. It was something I’d not normally buy, so I’m looking forward to seeing how I will use everything.

It was a very fun purchase

Translated from Japanese: It was a very fun purchase.
I was curious about what would be delivered until the order arrived.
I was thrilled.
I think it’d be nice to feel this kind of excitement once more.
I was happy because the contents were rather good.
There were some products that I had never purchased, so how do I cook them?
What is the taste? Guessing from everyone's reviews, think about what dish to prepare ...
It was a very satisfying purchase for me because I could make new discoveries.
Thank you!