Morgan Ranch USDA Prime Tenderloin Filet Roast (500g-1kg)

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The most prestigious of all roasts, hands down. Please handle will respect. Strictly for very special occasions only. The perfect and unforgettable centerpiece. The chateaubriand roast is also known as the filet roast which is basically the thick part of the tenderloin, the same part filet mignons steaks are made of. The beef tenderloin is mild in beef flavor but comes with incredible tenderness. If you prefer abundant juiciness go for the ribeye steak. Choose the strip steak for a characteristic bite and rich flavor.

Morgan Ranch Beef - one of the finest and most luxurious American beef money can buy. Directly imported into Japan from the Morgan family Ranch which located in the pristine environment of the Sandhills in the heart of Nebraska. Discover the true taste of American beef. Free-range, pasture grazed, then finished on 100% vegetarian grain feed (200 days) for superior marbling, tenderness, and unprecedented taste experience. Never have the cows been treated with growth hormones or antibiotics! Morgan Ranch Beef is featured on the menus of the finest restaurants in the world including Michelin starred ones. All images from the ranch are actual images. See for yourself. 


Contents 1 Roast
Weight Please choose between 1kg (2.2lbs) and 500g (1.1lbs) sized roasts.
Serves Serves 2-6 depending on serving style and roast size.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping Shipping and delivery is frozen
Handling Keep frozen below -18°C (0°F)
Defrosting Time In the fridge: approx. 36h
In ice-water: not recommended
Cooking Method Oven roast, grill
Expiration Frozen: see packaging label (usually more than 3 months)
Chilled: Please consume unopened pack within 5 days.



Also known as Tenderloin, Filet, Fillet, Filet Mignon
Country of Origin United States
Ingredients Beef
Aged 30 days wet-aged
Marbling Score USDA Prime. Superior grade for incredible tenderness, juiciness, flavor, and texture. The highest degree of marbling. Out of all of the beef produced in the United States, less than 2% of it is certified as USDA Prime!
Cut from Tenderloin
Category Roast
Packaging Individually vacuum packed

✔ Ethical. No factory farming! Humanely raised and treated with respect.

✔ Safe. No growth hormones or antibiotics - ever!

✔ Sustainable. The ranch sits on the world's largest underground water resource. All feed is locally sourced.

✔ Free-Range. All-year open pasture-raised in the heart of the sandhills, Nebraska. 

✔ Grass-fed, grain-finished on 100% vegetarian grain feed for superior tenderness, marbling, and an unprecedented taste experience.

✔ Full traceability. The Morgan family is in full control. One ranch, one family, one importer - ranch to fork!

Strictly non-commodity. Family farming takes time, attention, patience, and care. Only 2% of all US beef is Prime graded.

✔ Morgan Ranch Beef is the number one choice of over 70 top-class gourmet restaurants in Europe, the USA, and Japan, including Michelin-starred ones.

Morgan Ranch Collage

At A Glance

Cattle Breed The breed contains Japanese Wagyu genetics. Composition of Wagyu, Angus and Hereford. 
Farm/Ranch Morgan Ranch
Region Nebraska, USA
Breeding All-year free-range pasture grazed on 50 square kilometers (over 12000 acres!) in the heart of the sandhills. Sitting on the Ogallala Aquifer - the world's largest underground water resource.
Raised by Dan Morgan and family
Farming Experience Since 1934, Certified American Wagyu since 1992
Feeding Pasture grazed from birth, finished on grain feed containing maize, alfalfa (aka. lucerne), hay, distillers grains, vitamins, and minerals (100% vegetarian) for at least 200 days before harvesting.
Traceability 100% fully traceable from farm to fork
Growth-Hormones Never
Antibiotics Never
Animal By-Products Feeding Never
Importer Horizon Farms, Inc.
Processing Imported chilled and never frozen, locally processed in Japan into retail packs and flash frozen.

Beef Filet Chateaubriand Roast Recipe Instructions

Chateaubriand Roast

Defrost the pack in the fridge for approx. 24 hours or more. Once completely defrosted take it out of the packaging and let it "breathe" for 15 minutes at room temperature. Pat dry with a paper towel. If you are planning to cook the filet as a roast we highly recommend tying it with a butcher's twine so it retains its shape.

You can either cook the roast as is or cut it into smaller filet steaks aka filet mignons. In your example, we will be showing you how to prepare the roast in the frying pan and finish roasting it in the oven.

Chateaubriand Roast Searing

Season the filet roast with sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Either rub the roast with plenty of olive oil or use salt-free butter when cooking searing. The tenderloin is very lean and you need to make sure it does not cook dry. 

Searing Tenderloin Filet

Prepare a skillet or frying pan to very hot. Remember, we are not cooking the roast so make sure to turn it often, keep basting with the juices to keep the outer layer juicy. Keep the searing under 5 minutes. Remove the roast and place aside.

Chateaubriand Roast Vegetables

Place the filet roast in the middle of the oven pan. Add vegetables to your liking. To keep the vegetables from drying up we recommend pre-cooking them in boiling water for 10-15 minutes before placing them on an oven tray together with the roast.

Oven Roast

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit and place the roast in the middle. Set the timer to 45 minutes. Make sure to have a meat thermometer at hand as you need to check the internal temperature after 30 minutes.

Roast Temperature

Check on the core temperature of the roast. Once it reaches is 50 degrees Celsius or 120 degrees Fahrenheit remove the roast from the heat.

Resting Beef Roast

Place the roast on a cutting board and allow it to cook on residual heat for at least 10 minutes.

Sliced Roast Tenderloin

Use a large and sharp knife to cut the roast. Remember the tenderloin filet is incredibly tender and might be difficult to cut straight and in even shapes.

Sliced Chateaubriand Roast

Soft as butter. The tender eating experience of the Morgan Ranch tenderloin filet is unforgettable.

Chateaubriand Candle Light

Sprinkle with sea salt. Serve while warm for a soft and flavorsome experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
It was delicious

Translated from Japanese: Everyone is impressed by the lean meat! In particular, the color of the eyes of my two high school sons has changed. I want to order again. Highly recommended!

High-class Restaurant feeling

Translated from Japanese: I’ve always liked meat so I often go to Yakiniku restaurants or the butcher’s shop. Although I eat that kind of meat every day, cooking the meat of this store at home yourself, it still turned out really soft and as the meat’s original taste was preserved, it seemed like it was coming from a high-class restaurant.
It goes very well together with wine.