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Free-Range Pork Belly Slices from Australia (300g)

Horizon Farms


300g (10.6oz) of meaty top-quality skinless pork belly, cut into 3mm (1/8") thin slices. Borrowdale free-range Berkshire pork comes with great fat to meat ratio - the highest quality of free-range pork belly that money can buy. Incredibly versatile tender meat that melts in the mouth. Many Japanese stir fry dishes call for sliced pork belly, for example, Buta Shogayaki (pork belly with ginger and onions) or the famous yakisoba (stir fry noodles).

Borrowdale's free-range pork has taken on the superior flavor and tenderness of pork from a bygone era. Free of growth hormones, antibiotics, or any nasties. Borrowdale pork has a superior flavor and all-natural tenderness and how pork should taste. The pork has won the best pork award in Australia's "Steak Your Claim" in 2018. Let your family rediscover the real taste of pork today. Read more about Borrowdale below.

✔ Humanely raised free-range pigs from Australia.

✔ Borrowdale is part of the APIQ quality assurance program which sets the standards for responsible farming with care for animals.

✔ The pigs live outdoors where they can truffle and play.

✔ Sows raise their piglets in individual straw-filled huts and have room to roam, can wallow in mud, and socialize with each other. Absolutely no gestation crates.

✔ Pigs are fed a natural, nutritiously balanced diet free of chemical residues. All feed is free of GMOs.

✔ Borrowdale is a certified 100% carbon neutral business.

✔ No antibiotics or growth hormones - ever.


Contents 1 Pack
Weight 300g (10.6oz)
Serves Serves 1-2

Shipping & Handling

Shipping Shipping and delivery is frozen
Handling Keep frozen below -18°C (0°F)
Defrosting Time In the fridge: approx. 24h
In ice-water: approx. 1h
Cooking Method Fry-pan, grill
Expiration Frozen: see packaging label (usually more than 3 months)
Chilled: Please consume unopened pack within 2 days.



Also known as Pork belly slices, pork belly strips, skinless pork belly
Country of Origin Australia
Ingredients Pork
Cut From Belly
Category Slices
Packaging Vacuum packed

At A Glance

Pork Breed Berkshire Mixed Breed
Farm/Ranch Contracted small-scale family farms
Breeding All-year free-range pasture/mud raised
Feeding Natural non-GMO feed only. Corn, barley, wheat, soybean meal, extraction meal, mineral mixtures. 
Traceability 100% fully traceable from farm to fork
Growth Hormones Never
Subtherapeutic Antibiotics Use Never
Animal By-Product Feeding Never
GMO Feed Never
Importer Horizon Farms, Inc.
Processing Processed locally in Japan.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mario C.
Simply delicious

Absolutely delicious pork. I stir fry them with some mushrooms, it was fantastic. Also, these have a lot of fat, so much I had some left over lard that was awesome to make breakfast fried eggs. Fantastic.

Fiona M.
Tasty & tender

I use these to make quick pork sandwiches for dinner - on sourdough bread with coleslaw, it’s very delicious and easy to make. The pork isn’t overly fatty & it has a good flavour. Will order again

Great flavor.

Translated from Japanese: The flavor was strong and delicious in soup.

I will order again

Translated from Japanese: It's been almost two years since I started buying meat here, and I didn't notice a smell because I was used to meat on the market before, but I bought it the other day. I was surprised at the bad smell of meat.
I can't eat meat with various additives anymore.

Delicious without any smell

Translated from Japanese: It’s even delicious for my husband who always complaints about meat smelling and it might be because the juices are sweet. It's safe, fast to cook and perfect!