6 Common Misconceptions about Frozen Fruits & Vegetables (5 Min. Read)

6 Common Misconceptions about Frozen Fruits & Vegetables (5 Min. Read)

Unveiling the Truth: Unraveling common misconceptions about frozen fruits and vegetables. Delve into the reality of frozen produce, as we uncover the real benefits and quality of our frozen produce for your daily life and health.
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1. Frozen Fruits & Vegetables are of Lower Quality

The notion that frozen fruits and vegetables lack quality is a widespread misconception. At Horizon Farms, we uphold the utmost standards by employing meticulous handling and advanced packaging techniques while also offering certified organic produce that adheres to the strict organic certification standards. Through the method of individually flash-freezing (IQF), we prevent the formation of ice crystals and safeguard our produce from air exposure. This ensures the preservation of essential vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, our frozen fruits and vegetables are free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, additives, and GMOs. This dedication ensures that our products maintain their delightful flavors and freshness, coupled with an added layer of safety.

2. Frozen Fruits & Vegetables are Less Nutritious And Flavorless

There's a common assumption that the nutritional essence of food is exclusively linked to its freshness, with freezing thought to compromise vital vitamins and minerals. Our fruits and vegetables are characterized by undergoing rigorous testing to ensure they're free from harmful substances, meeting stringent microbiological safety standards. Additionally, the innovative IQF method stands as a guardian of their exceptional nutrients' integrity. Through this thorough process, rest assured that the cellular structure remains unharmed and the vitamin and mineral content remains unaltered.

3. Frozen Fruits & Vegetables are Highly Processed

By naturally preserving through freezing, we eliminate the need for extra preservatives. At Horizon Farms, we take pride in providing products entirely free of preservatives, chemicals, and undesirable additives. Our fruits and vegetables are carefully picked when they're at their best, keeping their nutrients and vibrant colors. Upholding stringent organic certification standards where producers and importers are inspected and checked by governmental bodies or certified third parties, our produce also undergoes regular testing for E. coli, coliforms, molds, yeasts, listeria, and salmonella. Furthermore, they remain untainted by harmful chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and additives, all while being free of added sugars and GMOs. Additionally, the individual quick-freezing (IQF) method safeguards against potential contamination, further reducing the need for preservatives. Trust in our commitment to purity, guaranteeing the enjoyment of unparalleled, unadulterated flavors with utmost peace of mind.

4. Frozen Produce is Only Suitable for Cooking and Can't be Eaten Raw

While frozen fruits and vegetables are often chosen for creating smoothies, jams, and hearty soups, our frozen produce is just as enjoyable in its raw state. Cultivated to adhere to rigorous organic certification standards, our products stand out by meeting exceptionally high microbiological safety benchmarks. Enhanced by the IQF technique, we not only safeguard the nutrients and original flavors, but also ensure that the natural texture of the fruits and vegetables remains intact. This offers a hassle-free and secure way to savor them without complete thawing. Our frozen fruits particularly shine as cherished summer snacks, bursting with refreshing sweetness, all achieved without the inclusion of added sugars.

5. Freezing Destroys the Texture of Fruits & Vegetables

Frozen fruits and vegetables have often been associated with texture loss and mushiness upon thawing. While this might hold true for conventional frozen produce lacking proper growing, handling and packaging, our approach at Horizon Farms is different. Through our ingenious IQF technique, we provide an effective shield against air exposure and the formation of unwanted ice crystals. Moreover, as our freezing process preserves cellular integrity, our products retain their texture exceptionally well, defying the notion of mushiness. The absence of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and other harmful substances further enhance the fruits' and vegetables' true form and aroma.

6. Frozen Produce is not as environmentally friendly as fresh ones

At Horizon Farms, our dedication to the environment and sustainability operates on two fronts. Firstly, we present generous quantities of fruits and vegetables, alleviating the necessity for frequent trips to the supermarket and consequently lessening carbon footprint. This practice also aligns with our goal to minimize food waste, contributing to our broader environmental commitment. Secondly, through our exclusive offering of certified organic fruits and vegetables, we support farmers who prioritize cultivation free from harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals, thereby reducing overall ecological impact that supports the health of the planet and consumer.

Disclaimer: Please note that while our explanations are correct they are very simplified for shortness and understanding. We encourage you to do further research on this topic. 

Sam Tumeh About the author: Sam Tumeh (Founder & CEO of Horizon Farms, Inc.) has joined the consumer food and meat industry of Japan in 2010. 

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