Thank you very much for always choosing Horizon Farms and for taking the time to read this important update.

In an effort to improve our service, we have decided to upgrade our delivery system to allow for separate frozen, chilled, and dry delivery. Until now, we have needed to ship all of our orders frozen, regardless of the contents of the order. This change will be effective as of Monday, May 13th, 2024 at 15:00.

Frozen items will always be shipped frozen, chilled items will always be shipped chilled, and dry items will be shipped either dry or chilled depending on your order. Please refer to the illustration below to get a better understanding of the possible delivery scenarios with the new frozen, chilled, and dry delivery.

Separate delivery fees will apply for each product type in your order (please note that dry will be combined with chilled when applicable). Delivery fees will be calculated automatically and added together if applicable during checkout. All product types are eligible for free shipping based on that type's total in your cart. Please refer to the diagram below for detailed information on amounts and conditions.

We apologize for the sudden change and any inconvenience it might cause, and we sincerely appreciate your understanding. We are very excited for the opportunities this opens up to provide you with a more satisfying shopping experience, and we'd like to thank you once again for your support along this journey. We look forward to introducing a wider range of carefully selected, safe, and trustworthy products to all our customers, and we can't wait to continue serving you in the future.


Overnight Express

All orders placed by 15:00 on any day 365 days a year leave on the same day via overnight express for next-day delivery anywhere within Japan.*