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Freshly Sprouted Frozen Wheat Tortillas from California (6pc)

Horizon Farms


6 fajita-size freshly sprouted wheat tortillas from California, USA. We import the highest quality of meat and veggies, so why not have something just as high-quality to put them in? Simple, organic ingredients, and amazing quality. No additives, no preservatives, no GMOs. These are a perfect size for fajitas or soft tacos.

What is freshly sprouted wheat? The sprouted grain process involves soaking the grains in water until they begin to grow a sprout. The growing environment is highly controlled, including the water & air temperature, and the time that the grains are allowed to sprout. Sprouted wheat tends to contain more nutrients than whole wheat.


Contents 6 tortillas
Weight 47g x 6 tortillas = 283g total (10oz)

Shipping & Handling

Shipping Shipping and delivery is frozen.
Handling Keep refrigerated below -18°C (0°F)
Expiration Frozen: check the product label, usually more than 3 months.


Country of Origin United States
Also Known As
Tortilla, taco, tacos, burrito, burritos, fajita, fajitas, wrap, wraps
Ingredients Sprouted Whole Wheat Berries, Whole Wheat Flour, Filtered Water, Safflower Oil, Sea Salt, Sunflower Lecithin

All ingredients are non-GMO.
Packaging Packaged together in a resealable bag
Nutritional Facts Based on 47g serving size

Calories: 130kcal
Protein: 5g
Total Fat: 2g
- of which are saturated: 0g
Total Carbohydrate: 23g
- of which are fibers: 4g
- of which are sugars: 1g
Sodium: 250mg
Instructions Defrost on the countertop at room temperature for approx. 30 minutes to an hour. Simply heat them up on the fry-pan or other flat cooking surface and enjoy - no oil or butter needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Delicious tortillas!

Translated from Japanese: I used low-fat ground beef and the I bought here. I sprinkled them with dusting powder, then cut the lettuce into chunks and rolled everything up. Since it’s made with whole wheat flour, it’s healthy and safe to eat, so it’s an ingredient that should always be stocked in the freezer.


Translated from Japanese: This is my second time buying tortillas.
I could it lightly on a frying pan to make tacos.
I usually buy commercial ones, so I was impressed when I found this organic product.
Is it because the raw materials are good?
Everyone in my family said it was delicious.
I’d be happy if you could increase the number of tortillas and sell them in a slightly smaller size.

Thick dough, rich in flavor and satisfying to eat

Translated from Japanese: I warmed them one by one in a frying pan and used them for tacos. They were slightly salty, the dough was thick, and the flavor of whole grains came through well, and they were delicious.
My one-year-old deliciously ate only the tortillas, with no taco filling.
Since the dough is thick, even if you wrap it with juicy ingredients, it will not easily seep out or tear, so I thought it could be suitable for burritos.
If you’re an adult woman, you will be quite satisfied with three tacos, and I think you might even be able to eat all four.

Delicious tacos

Translated from Japanese: It was my first time making whole grain tortillas, and when I made tacos using the ground beef I bought here, I was surprised at how delicious it was. The dough has a faint flavor and I want to keep it in the freezer at all times. It felt like a big hit because there aren't many shops where you can eat safe tacos.

Michael C.

I can't find this anywhere else and I love them. I switch to this instead of white bread when ever I can.
They taste great slightly toasted in an iron skillet and filled with whatever you want. I try to stay healthy so I use
good ingredients. Tuna/Egg salad, Avocado, Salsa, and of course Meat! I get a few packs and Freeze them until needed. They last a really long time in the freezer.