All-Natural Freeze-Dried Wild Blueberry Powder (100g)

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Regular, certified organic, wild frozen blueberries are also available here.

All-natural, freeze-dried whole blueberry powder straight from the wild of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. Super nutritious, and super delicious. This powder is a quick and delicious way to level up your breakfast, smoothies, desserts, and more. Same delicious flavor and benefits as whole frozen wild blueberries, but takes up much less space. Simply use it as an ingredient or sprinkle some on top of the finished product - there is no way to go wrong.

These wild(er) blueberries are truly wild. Completely wild grown, with absolutely minimal intervention. No added sugars, no additives, no preservatives, no nasties, nothing. Just wild blueberries, made into powder. Handpicked - no farm or field.

Unfortunately, a whole forest or region can't be declared certified organic because it is an uncontrolled environment. However, there is nothing more organic than hand-picked wild blueberries from a forest.

These wild blueberries are an antioxidant powerhouse (even more than cultivated regular blueberries). They are said to have the highest proportion of antioxidants of any food on this planet. But it doesn't stop there - wild blueberries are packed with polyphenols, anthocyanins, anthocyanidins, dimethyl resveratrol, even more, nutritional goodies. It is no coincidence that wild blueberries are one of the world's few "superfoods".

Power of Wild Blueberries

✔ More antioxidants than 20 other types of fruits combined (double that of normal blueberries).

✔ Can help the body fight disease and inflammation, boost brain function and improve gut health.

✔ Protects against cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, blood pressure, stroke, and oxidative stress.

✔ Bursting with zinc, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, fiber, calcium, potassium, folic acid, manganese, and prebiotics.

✔ Sustainably foraged, truly wild blueberries. Not planted, and not farmed. Handpicked in the wild from the Carpathian Mountains of Romania.

✔ Needless to say no pesticides, herbicides, or any nasties - ever.

✔ Low-temp freeze-dried to lock in nutrients and freshness.

✔ Consciously packed in a home compostable resealable pouch.


Contents 1 pack
Weight 100g (3.5oz)
Package Dimensions 21 x 12.5 x 2 cm (8.3" x 4.9" x 0.8")

Shipping & Handling

Shipping Shipping is either, dry, chilled, or frozen depending on your order.
Handling Keep dry and seal tightly closed. Once opened, keep within an air-tight container. Properly sealed, it can be stored in the fridge or freezer without quality loss.
Expiration Check product label, usually more than 12 months.


Ingredients Wild blueberries
Packaging Resealable food-grade aluminum pouch
Country of Origin Romania
Nutritional Facts Based on 100g serving size

Calories: 394kcal
Protein: 5.0g
Total Fat: 0.4g
Total Carbohydrate: 90.9g
- Sugars: 50.0g
- Dietary Fiber: 40.9g
Salt Content: 0.19g
Importer Horizon Farms, Inc.

Mt Wilder Berries is a micro-family business by health finatics Jason and Olive Tarau. This is them in the image below.

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